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The Wireless Account Analysis tool makes it easy to analyze your wireless account.

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Are your current features, calling plan and services the best fit for you? Have you had voice, messaging or data usage overage and wondered if there was a way to help you analyze your account? With Wireless Account Analysis, it's easier than ever to monitor your usage and so much more. To get started, go to and sign in to My Verizon. From the Overview page, you can view minutes used, messages sent and received, as well as your data usage over the past six months for all of the lines on your account. Did you find an overage this month? You can use Wireless Account Analysis to see if it is because one line may need to have Usage Controls added, or maybe your growing family has been getting closer to limits for the past few months and it is time to upgrade your plan. Simply click on the ''Voice'' tab and view your usage in a simple to read graph. You'll also see an activity bar that tells you how much of your allowances you have used to date. If the bar is red, that means that you have overage and you will get personalized recommendations on how you can upgrade your plan to avoid overages in the future. To make sure your newly added line isn't pushing you over your text limits, simply click on the ''Messaging'' tab. You can select to view the usage by line or by plan. If the activity line is yellow, that means that you're close to the usage limit. You should probably set an alert to monitor your plan. You can watch the ''How to Set Up Alerts'' video to learn more. Is your family downloading movies every weekend? Click on the ''Data'' tab, to view your data usage broken down by GB or MB. If the usage bar is green, that means you're good to go ahead and download the double feature! Once you've reviewed your account, visit the ''Ways to Save'' tab to discover special offers that are available just for you. You can check your eligibility for an upgrade and easily change your plan or features at any time with the convenient links provided just for you. It's that easy to view your results, confirm you're on the right plan and make changes to avoid overages. Sign in to My Verizon and run your Account Analysis today!