BlackBerry | BlackBerry™Q10

Length: 1:16


This video will describe the features and benefits of the new Blackberry Q 10 from Verizon Wireless.

Show Transcript

Take action with the BlackBerry Q10.

Communicate, collaborate and succeed by staying connected with the people and news that matter most. Use a quick gesture to open BlackBerry Hub, and view all your messages and notifications in one location. And respond using the classic Blackberry keyboard with larger, precision molded keys that improve accuracy and allow conversations to take place at the speed of thought.

Stay connected to the information that matters most, and effortlessly share content with your social network. Capture pictures without losing your charge, with the long lasting twenty-one-hundred milliamp removable battery and keep them organized with BlackBerry Remember.  Create notebooks to keep project photos, emails, links and documents together. Discuss ideas with BBM contacts face-to-face with BBM Video.

Ensure conversations are crystal clear, thanks to the power of Blackberry 10 and the speed of Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Use Screen Share to share images in real-time and get the response you’re looking for. The BlackBerry Q10 helps you get the job done, in a re-engineered, timeless design.  Available from Verizon Wireless.