Casio | Casio™ G'zOne™ Commando Smartphone

Length: 2:04


This video describes the features of the Casio G'zOne Commando, including Android 2.2, QWERTY keyboard and more. Built to withstand harsh environments, the G'zOne Commando lets you be more productive in more places -- from the beach to the boardroom.

Show Transcript

Hi. I'm Blake from Verizon Wireless and I'm here to show you the rugged Casio G'zOne Commando touch screen smartphone. The Commando was designed to provide reliable performance in outdoor environments, and an array of weather conditions.

It's a military standard water-, shock-, and dust-resistant smartphone, running Android 2.2. That means you can be just as productive from the beach as you can on the jobsite, without worrying about damaging your phone. The Commando lets you do more from more places. Enjoy connectivity in the field with 3G Mobile hotspot and connect up to 5 devices up for WiFi, even on the jobsite. Use the high speaker volume to communicate in loud environments. If you hands are busy use voice to text, to reply to emails, SMS, and Twitter without having to touch the keyboard. Or have messages read to you with the read out widget.

The Casio Commando comes loaded with G'zGear - a set of tools for the weekend warrior. Earth Compass keeps you on point. Walking Counter is perfect for judging distance on a slow hike or a high-energy run. Adventure Training pits you against a virtual opponent to help beat your best times. Trip Memory records your outdoor activities with location information that you can share on Twitter or Facebook. If you live near a coastal region, use the Tides tool to get tidal information where you are. You also get Star Gazer, to tell you which constellations are visible to you and a handy thermometer to track the temperature. Capture the moment with a 5-megapixel camera with auto-focus and flash. There's a dedicated camera key to ensure you don't accidently snap photos or record video before you're ready. With an 8GB micro SD card standard, you can store thousands of photos that you can share with friends and family through email, picture messaging, or social networking.

The Casio G'zOne Commando is built to withstand harsh environments, so you can be more productive from more places. And it's only available from Verizon Wireless.