HTC | HTC Rhyme™

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This video describes the features of the HTC Rhyme.

Show Transcript

The HTC Rhyme is more than a phone, it's an entire system designed for your support. It comes with three accessories right out of the box. The multi-functional docking station is a charger, an alarm clock, and external speakers. Wake up to your favorite song or stream music from apps like Slacker.

The tangle-free headphones make one less complication. The Rhyme is full of applications that fit seamlessly with your life. Endomondo is like having a personal trainer in your pocket. It uses real time GPS to track your time, distance, speed, and number of calories burned. Get answers to your questions with Apps like Yelp. Read reviews, get directions and find your new favorite places. Brush up on what's new and keep track of friends right from your home screen with HTC Sense.

Take amazing photos and let your imagination run wild. Personalize each moment with custom filters and effects. You won't miss a call with the illuminating charm. It hangs discretely from your bag. Go where you want when you want with VZ Navigator. Virtual city driving, turn-by-turn directions and satellite views that move with you as you travel. Take time for yourself, share with your friends and enjoy the small stuff.

The HTC Rhyme, all for one and all for you.