HTC | HTC Trophy™

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This video describes the many great features of the HTC Trophy.

Show Transcript

Hi I'm Blake from Verizon Wireless and I'm here to show you the HTC Trophy.

The Trophy is a Windows mobile smartphone designed to change the way you think about your mobile experience. From an innovative new user interface, Windows compatibility and Xbox Live, it does everything you want and more.

The HTC Trophy runs on Windows Mobile 7, providing you with a unique and easy to use interface called Live Tiles.  They allow you to quickly see everything you need at a glance. It's designed for you to pick up and easily understand. Responding to missed calls, text messages, and e-mails is simple and fun.

Manage your gaming presence with games hub featuring Xbox Live. It's a free service to connect to and play with friends wherever you are. If you already have an Xbox Live account, sign in to use your existing avatar, gamerscore, and gamer tag. Download new games and play against other gamers from their Xbox 360. The HTC Trophy delivers a premium entertainment and music experience with the music and video hub.

It doubles as a Zune music and video player to download and listen to your favorite tunes or watch the best movies on the 3.8-inch TFT LCD display. You can also transfer your existing music and video library from your computer to take your media with you wherever you go.

A built-in FM radio gives you access to local news, music weather, sports, and more. Now you can enjoy streaming online music with Slacker radio or access your Netflix account to enjoy a movie from your handset almost anywhere. Get all the hottest games, apps, and media from marketplace. Want to make sure the app you've had your eye on is the right one for you? Many apps offer a test drive and try before you buy.

The HTC Trophy has a 5-megapixel camera with auto focus and single LED flash to take great-looking photos and 720p HD video. A dedicated camera button on the side of the device provides real digital camera functionality for no-fumble photos. Hold down the camera button to take photos even when the phone is locked. Use pictures hub to manage and sync your photos and videos from other Windows devices so you can organize, share, and delete from one place. You can even see the photos your friends post to Facebook in the 'what's new' section, making staying in touch easier than ever.

Because Trophy is a Windows 7 phone, it offers a genuine Microsoft Office experience. Take notes, capture videos and attach voice clips to documents with one note. View Power Point images, transitions and animations from your device. Keep in touch with colleagues through Share Point, a hub for all of your office documents so you can download, comment, and collaborate on the go. Review and edit word documents at your leisure.

Whether you spend time gaming and social networking or staying in touch with the office, the HTC Trophy offers a unique smartphone experience, and it's only available from Verizon Wireless.