LG | G2™ by LG - QSlide 2.0

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With QSlide 2.0 you can layer three apps and use them at the same time. Efficiency is taken to another level. Watch this video to learn how to use this multitasking feature on your G2™ by LG.

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With QSlide 2.0  you can layer two apps on top of a third app to see and use all three apps at the same time.

Sliding down on the Notifications bar to open the QSlide windows on top of your previously opened application.

Surf the web while a video in your Gallery plays in a separate window. 

Two QSlide windows can be opened at a time.

You can even adjust the size and transparency of the windows.

The quick tap of a button makes it easy to switch from QSlide 2.0 windows to full screen view. While another tap takes you right back to QSlide.