Motorola | DROID RAZR M by Motorola

Length: 2:30


This video will detail the features and benefits of the new Droid Razr M by Motorola.

Show Transcript

This is the Droid Razr M by Motorola. The big 4.3'' screen spans edge-to-edge and resists scratches, reinforced with Corning Gorilla Glass. An incredibly compact and rugged design with a water- repellant nano-coating that safeguards even the electric boards inside.

The ultra thin design has a lightweight frame constructed of aircraft grade aluminum and a back made Kevlar strong. Navigate your way to a fully enhanced smartphone experience with the easy to use circle widget that gets you to the info you use use the most and the notifications you need right now. Use Chrome on your home or work computer to get the information you need and pick up where you left off with the power of a full featured browser on your mobile phone.

Sync bookmarks and quickly reload tabs left open on your other devices. Put your phone on the Flip Stand and maintain a solid view of your display. Customize smart actions to trigger actions like saving precious battery power at pre-designated times, silencing your ringer in certain locations or powering up drive mode so you can talk, text and navigate hands-free.

Launch your favorite music player when head-phones are detected and find your groove without missing a beat. Discover new video content or find old favorites with Viewdini. Stream content on Verizon's lightning fast 4G LTE network and view it on the vibrant 4.3'' display. Find what you want on Amazon's App Suites; movies, games, music, even a free premium app of the day. Find books and entertainment that satisfies the whole family, and choose your favorites from thousands available in the Kindle Store.

Take Droid Razr Micro with you around the world. And maintain the global connections you need to get you to the people and places you want to go. RAZR sharp. Lightning fast. The Droid Razr M by Motorola. No else does Droid like Verizon