Samsung | Samsung GALAXY Note® 3 Air Command

Length: 2:04


With Air Command, you can access key S Pen features like Action Memo, which is a virtual Note®pad that turns your handwritten Note®s into action. Watch this video to learn how to remove the S Pen and use Air Commands to access Scrapbooker, S Finder and Screen Write on your Samsung GALAXY Note 3.

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The Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and integrated S Pen lets you do things you didn’t know were possible to do on a phone. With Air Command, access key S Pen functions easily, with one gesture.
Simply remove the S Pen from its dock to bring up the Air Command menu, which features five functions in one place – Action Memo, Scrapbooker, Screen Write, S Finder, and Pen Window.
Select Action Memo, which opens a virtual Note®pad for jotting down ideas, things to do, or phone numbers.
Action Memo can then turn your handwritten Note®s into an action.
You can add a contact directly from the name and number you just jotted down…
Touch the Link to action icon at the top of the memo, and select the Contacts icon to add it. …or circle only the address, and then map it for directions.
You can also choose to make a call, email, message, open a browser search, or set a task – all from an Action Memo.
You can keep an Action Memo pinned to the screen so the info in your Note® is easily accessed when you need it later.
To return to the Air Command menu at any time, simply hover over the screen and press the S Pen button.
Select Pen Window to access a small menu of apps perfect for multitasking — like Internet or Contacts.  Pen window lets you open an app on top of another app.
For easy navigation in those apps, S Pen now works on the Menu and Back keys. There’s no need to use your fingers when the S Pen is out of its dock.
The Air Command menu also puts Scrapbooker…
…S Finder…
… and Screen Write at the ready. And with Screen Write you can capture screenshots with S Pen, and write and draw on them.
With Air Command, S Pen functions are easy to access…In one place, for even more simplicity and functionality.