Samsung | Samsung GALAXY Note® 3 Downloading Apps

Length: 2:05


Use the Google Play™ store app to download useful and fun apps to your Samsung GALAXY Note® 3. Watch this video to learn step by step instructions to search for and download apps.

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Get fun and useful apps using the Google Play store.  Watch this video to learn about the great ways to download apps on your Samsung GALAXY Note® 3 from Verizon Wireless.

To begin, tap Apps from any home screen.
Then, select Play Store.
o Note that you must have a Google account to continue.
Next you have the chance to enter credit card information if you want to make purchases, or you may select Not now.
Then read the backup and restore prompt and tap the Next arrow.
On the Google Play homepage you can choose the type of app you would like to browse for or you can use the search option.
To search for a particular app, tap the Search icon at the top of the screen.
Then, type in the app you’re looking for and tap the search icon.
o A List of matching apps, books and music will appear.
Select the app you were searching for.
From this page you can read the apps description, view sample app screens, read reviews and more.
If you decide to install this app, tap install or if it is a paid app, tap Buy.
You will be told what the app needs to be able to do on your phone in order to work.  If you agree, tap Accept.
Your app will now begin downloading.
To view downloading and already installed apps, tap the menu button.
Then tap My Apps.
This screen shows you the status of each app on your phone, including whether an update is available.
This screen is also where you can uninstall apps.
To do this, simply tap the app you wish to remove, and then tap Uninstall.
You will be asked to confirm uninstalling the app, tap OK to continue.
Once complete, tap the Back button until you return to the Google Play Store.
Tap the menu button for useful tools like Accounts, Settings, and Help.