Samsung | Samsung GALAXY Note® 3 Lock Screen Tips

Length: 1:33


It's easy to set up your lock screen with security and customize it.  Watch this video to learn how to create a secure password or PIN and choose how your lock screen looks on your Samsung GALAXY Note® 3.

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Keep your device secure by using screen lock features.  Watch this video to learn how to customize your lock screen settings and more on your Samsung GALAXY Note® 3 from Verizon Wireless.

To begin, from any home screen pull down the notification panel and tap the settings icon.
Next, select Lock Screen.
Here you will see the options you have to customize your lock screen.
To set up a different screen lock, tap Screen Lock.
There are several different screen locks available; we’ll set up a pattern lock which offers medium security.
Tap Pattern.
Draw your unlock pattern, connecting at least four dots.
Then tap Continue.
Draw the same pattern, and tap Confirm.
In case you forget your pattern, set a backup PIN.
Enter at least 4 numbers and tap Continue.
Reenter the PIN and tap OK to finish setup.
Now you can change other lock screen settings.
For added security, make your pattern invisible to onlookers.
Tap Make pattern visible to uncheck the box.
Now when you unlock your phone, only you will know the lock pattern.
To customize how your lock screen looks, tap Clock widget options.
Change the clock size to your liking.
Now to see what your updated lock screen looks like, tap the power key
Tap the Power key again to see all your changes.