Samsung | Samsung GALAXY Note® 3 Using Multi Window™

Length: 1:13


Learn how to turn on and use Multi Window™. Watch this video to see step by step instructions so you can multi-task with ease on your Samsung GALAXY Note® 3.

Show Transcript

Use two apps at the same time with Multi Window™ on your Samsung GALAXY Note® 3 from Verizon Wireless.  Watch this video to learn how.

To begin, make sure Multi window is turned on in Settings.
To do so tap Apps from any home page.
Then, select Settings.
Next, tap Display.
Now, make sure there is a green checkmark in the box next to Multi window.
This panel on the left shows all the apps you can use with Multi window.
For this example, let’s look up movie times and text them to a friend.
Press the Home key and open Internet.
With the Movie times showing, tap the tab on the left to open the Multi window panel again.
Now touch and hold the Messages app and drag it to the window and release.
o Notice you can place it above or below the Internet app.
Use the slider between the two apps to make it easier to view each one.
Touch and hold the slider to view other options.
Tap the Full View icon to keep typing your message.
As a shortcut, touch and hold the back button to open or hide the Multi window panel from any screen.
Tap Internet once again to open the browser right where you left off.