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Block internet and text message spam using My Verizon.

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Spam...a sneaky beast that is as sly as a fox…you know it…you want to avoid it.  With Verizon Wireless you have the power to block each line on your account from these pesky messages.  Simply go to and sign into My Verizon. Or if you’re already signed in, you can also select “Block Internet Spam” from the “More Actions” menu within My Verizon.

• From the “Internet Spam Blocking” page, you will select the phone line that you wish to manage.
• You can block up to 15 email addresses, domain names and/or text names.
• Enter the contact information in the fields below.
• If you have more than 5 you would like to block, click “Block Another Contact” to add more.
• Now if you would like to block all messages from any sender, you can do this in the “Message Blocking” preferences section at the bottom of the page.
• You can even choose to block all text messages sent from the web, or e-mail
• Once you have made all of your selections, click Apply.
Blocking internet-spam just got a whole lot easier with Verizon Wireless.  Go ahead give it a try!