Services Videos | Tips For Understanding and Using Verizon Cloud

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With Verizon Cloud, you can sync and securely save your important photos, videos, contacts, music, call logs and even text messages.  Watch this video to learn useful tips on syncing and content management.  Have more questions about getting started or using Verizon Cloud?  Visit the Cloud Support page.

Show Transcript

It seems like everywhere you turn these days you hear people mentioning the word “Cloud.”  So what is this “Cloud,” and how can you benefit from it?  Simply put…”The Cloud” refers to backup and storage services which protect your content.  With Verizon Cloud you’ll have peace of mind that your content is stored securely, and is accessible with any active internet connection.

Does this sound familiar?  You’re on vacation and you lose your phone.  Every contact, video, song…all your precious pictures…gone.  Don’t worry because you backed up your content with Verizon Cloud.  You can easily access your content on your computer, tablet, or even your new replacement phone.

Here are some tips to get you started on Verizon Cloud, and to help you get the most out of the service.

Tip #1…Your First Time Syncing with Verizon Cloud

Before you sync your content with Verizon Cloud for the first time, make sure your device is plugged into a wall charger. It’s always good to make sure you have plenty of juice in that battery while transferring content.  We strongly recommend you turn on Wi-Fi while syncing to save valuable data to use on the go.

Tip #2…Managing Your Account

You can customize what you sync to Verizon Cloud.  Go to Verizon Cloud Settings to enable or disable the automatic syncing of any content type.  Or start a manual sync right from the app by choosing “Sync All Now” from the menu.  You control how much you backup.  Need more room?  No problem!  Upgrading to a larger storage plan is easy.

Tip #3…Everyday Syncing

Keeping up is important, and with Verizon Cloud, all your content is automatically saved every day.  That means it’s always where you need it to be…whenever you want it. Some content is synced, like contacts, text messages and call logs.  What’s in Verizon Cloud exactly matches what’s on your device, and if you delete from one, you delete from both. Pictures, videos, music, and documents get backed up, which is like having extra copies saved in the Cloud.  Even if you delete it from your smartphone, it’s still in Verizon Cloud.

Tip #4…Become an Expert

Get even more from Verizon Cloud!  Storing your music, pictures and videos on Verizon Cloud means you can stream them directly to your other devices, wherever they are…like that video you synced to the Cloud back home.   Watch it on your smartphone while relaxing at the beach!  Having Verizon Cloud means that the stuff that matters to you is always at your fingertips.

So now you know what Verizon Cloud is and some of the amazing things you can do with it.  You can always checkout for more specific information.  Now…go enjoy your “Cloud”.