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Watch this video to see how Verizon Selects works, and allows Verizon to provide you with more relevant ads and offers.

Show Transcript

Advertising is everywhere. From online, to TV, to your Smartphone, and even your social networks, so many ads don’t have anything to do with what you are really interested in. Wouldn’t it be great if they were more relevant to things that actually mattered to you?

So instead of getting ads for high heeled shoes, you receive a promotion about that sweet hybrid bike you’ve been eyeing! Well, that time is now.

Verizon has a new way to make marketing work for YOU.
By choosing to be part of Verizon Selects, you help guide the types of ads you receive.

So what exactly is Verizon Selects?
With your permission, Verizon Selects uses information about your use of Verizon products and services including the websites you visit and your device location, to make the ads you get more relevant. This means less of the random deals, and more perks that matter with customized offers and coupons tailored for you!

For instance, you’ve had your eye on a new pair of sunglasses. Verizon Selects recognizes your interest and enables a retailer to reach out to you with a relevant offer. So finding those new shades just got a whole lot easier.

Ok- So how do we do this?
Verizon Wireless takes your privacy very seriously. Without sharing any information that identifies you individually outside of Verizon, we determine whether you fit into an audience that an advertiser is trying to reach. And then we direct ads to you on their behalf. You can manage your participation at any time or choose how you get offers (like by text or email) within My Verizon.
To learn more about your privacy and settings, check out our FAQs.

PLUS with Verizon Selects, you may also earn monthly reward points in the Verizon Smart Rewards program. These points can be redeemed for daily deals, sweepstakes, travel, discounted merchandise, and gift cards.

The more lines on your account that participate in Verizon Selects, the more points you accrue monthly. This means more benefits you can enjoy.

Let the right offers come to you with Verizon Selects! You’ll get more perks that matter with ads and coupons tailored for you.

With Verizon Selects, membership has never rewarding!

To find out more details checkout the Verizon Selects FAQ page at: