Services Videos | What is a Ringback Tone?

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Ringback tones are music or sounds that you choose for your callers to hear while they wait for you to pick up.

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Ringback tones are fun way to personalize your phone and show off your personality. When people call you, instead of hearing a normal ringing sound they'll hear the music or sound effects you choose. Until you pick up the call or there sent to voice mail. You can play the same ringback tones for everyone who calls, or assign different tones for specific callers. You're sure to find something for everyone by searching online in the Verizon Media store, or in the Vcast tones app on a compatible phone. Here's some suggestions. Play a ringback tone just for your friends, your significant other, on special occasions, and don't forget about your mother. Use the ringback tone manager in the Verizon media store to assign tones to your contacts and even set up jukeboxes that play a list of up to fifteen tones at random. Each ringback tone is just a dollar ninety nine and placed for one year. You'll also need to subscribe to the ringback tones service subscription which is ninety nine cents per month. You can sign up for this service in the change features path in My Verizon available in the I want to section on the main overview page after signing in. Add a personal touch to your phone today with ringback tones from Verizon Wireless. Choose one ringback tone for all your callers to hear, or select a unique ringtone for each of your contacts to enjoy. Purchase your ringtones online using My Verizon, or from your mobile device when you're on the go.