Global Travel Program

The Global Travel program is the perfect short-term solution for the occasional or infrequent global traveler who needs to stay in touch when travelling internationally.  This program is ideal when your travel duration is less than 21 days.

Features & Benefits

  • No daily rental fees.
  • No security deposits.
  • Customers keep their regular phone number and voice mail and transfer their contact lists using Backup Assistant.
  • There are no separate bills; it all appears on customers' Verizon Wireless bills.

    Answers to Frequently asked Questions

How It Works

  • Verizon Wireless covers more than 220 voice and over 205 data countries, more than 165 with 3G speeds - check our GlobalPhone and Global Data tabs for details on specific destinations offered.
  • Solutions are available for Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, standard voice/text, and data card customers.
  • Customers may call (800) 711-8300 to speak to a Global Services Activation Specialist for additional details or to place an order.