International Messaging

International Messaging

Send messages from the United States to an International Destination.

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Select a country to obtain rates and dialing instructions

How it works

  1. Find the country code and dialing instructions
    for the non-US Mobile number you want to
    send the text or multimedia message.
  2. Send the message to the number as if you
    were making an international call.
  3. If you run into problems, confirm that the
    recipient is using a participating carrier.

Unlimited International Messaging

Sending and receiving international messages from within the U.S. has never been easier. Send text messages to over 210 countries and multimedia messages to 120 countries around the world. So when you need to connect more, choose The MORE Everything Plan.

Standard Rates

While travelling in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands, Text or Multimedia messages sent to or received from mobile numbers in those countries and Mexico are charged Domestic rates and will be applied against the monthly messaging allowance in your plan.

Messages sent to or received from mobile numbers with participating carriers in other countries are charged International Rates and will not be applied against any monthly messaging allowance*.


Rates displayed are examples. Rates for individual countries may vary. Refer to the country for details.


Questions about International Messaging?
Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

*Domestic and International rates below apply to most countries, check the Details by Country to confirm the rates for that country and support for text and multimedia messaging.