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Global roaming charges can quickly add up. With coverage in over 99% of the countries visited by travelers, Verizon keeps you connected with affordable global voice and data plans.

Add Global Services

Global Voice Value Plan & Messaging Rates

Call and text worldwide with discount voice rates in nearly 150 countries. Global Voice Value Plan saves you up to 20% on global services.

Global Voice Plan
Monthly Access per Line
$4.99/mo 20% average customer savings on per-minute rate in applicable countries* *Savings may vary by country
Global Messaging Rates1
Text Multimedia1
Message Sent $0.50 $0.25
Message Received $0.05 $0.25
1Additional global data charges will apply at your data plan rate. Please consider subscribing to a Global Data Plan should you plan on sending Multimedia messages while roaming.

Global Data

Surf, email and enjoy your favorite apps with the flexible Global Data Plan that automatically replenishes your data based on your usage.

E.g. Downloading a 1MB E-mail while traveling without a Global Data Plan:

1MB = $20 over. Based on pay-per-use international data rates of $0.02/KB. (1MB = 1,024KB)

Global data requires a domestic data feature and international eligibility.

Global Data Feature $25/100MB
Data Allowance 100MB
Rate After Allowance $25/100MB
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Global Data Pay-As-You-Go
Plan Price
Canada $0.002/KB or $2.05/MB
Mexico $0.005/KB or $5.12/MB
Rest of World $0.02/KB or $20.48/MB
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Cruise Ship Rates

You can call and text on over 120 cruise ships, plus use your Global Data Plan to surf the web while you're onboard.

Global Data Feature $25/100MB
Data Allowance 100MB
Rate After Allowance $25/100MB
Cruise Ship Rates
Voice Roaming $2.49/min
Text Messaging $0.50/message sent $0.05/message received
Pay As You Go Data $0.02/KB or $20.48/MB