Travel Smart and
Spend Less.

Global roaming charges can add up quickly. Verizon Wireless offers voice and data plan options to keep you connected while managing roaming expenses.


Voice & Messaging Rates

Global Voice Value Plan

Sign up for the Global Voice Value Plan to receive discounted rates while traveling to approximately 150 countries.

Check our Interactive Trip Planner for country-specific rates.


Global Data

Using data globally can be expensive. Verizon offers a flexible data package that grows based on how much data you use.

E.g. Downloading a 1MB E-mail while traveling without a Global Data Plan:


Global data requires a domestic data feature and international eligibility.


Canada/Mexico MORE Everything

Take your minutes with you to Canada or Mexico.


Cruise Ship Rates

Stay connected on over 120 cruise ships with the same flexible data package. Call, text and use data while traveling the high seas on any device.