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miCoach Speed_Cell

  • Tracks data on your speed, stride rate, distance and game time
  • Use while running or during soccer, basketball, tennis and more
  • Analyze data from an Android™, iOS or Windows Phone® 8 device

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Free shipping available on all orders
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  • Description+-

    Designed for in-game use and running, the adidas miCoach Speed_Cell tracks your movement and speed while you play, run or train, helping you improve your performance. You can even use it indoors while running on a treadmill. From your compatible Android, iOS or Windows Phone 8 device, you can see your stats, prove how fast you are and develop training plans to improve your speed and endurance.

    Get started easily
    Speed_Cell attaches to your shoelace with the included clip. Or, conceal it inside miCoach compatible boots or shoes. Log in to the app on your smartphone, then pair it to Speed_Cell.

    For competitive play/running: on-board memory stores data for post-game wireless upload to the miCoach MultiSport app.

    For training: Speed_Cell can be paired with the miCoach Train & Run app to enable indoor speed and distance as well as stride rate information.

    What Speed_Cell measures:

    • Speed: See your profile for an entire game or workout.
    • Maximum speed: Prove your top speed from every game
    • Distance: Learn how much ground you covered and how fast
    • Stride rate: Determine how frequently you take each step
    • Game time: Track how long you played


    • iPhone 4s or higher, fifth-generation iPod touch and later for Train & Run app and MultiSport app.
    • Bluetooth Smart/Low Energy device with Android 4.3 or higher for Train & Run app and MultiSport app.
    • Windows Phone 8, Bluetooth Smart/Low Energy with Nokia "Black" OS update for Train & Run app only.
    • Use adidas miCoach X_Cell with Speed_Cell if you also want to track jump height, hustle and more.

    Transfer your data wirelessly
    While you run or play, Speed_Cell records your data for post activity wireless upload to the MultiSport app for iOS and Android users. When used with the Train & Run app, track and sync your run data on iOS, Android and Windows phones.

    Make miCoach apps your trainer
    The miCoach app-available from Google Play™, Apple® App Store℠ and Windows® Phone Store-turns your device into a personal coach. Measure your calories burned, pace and more, and receive live coaching when an exercise plan is selected. The miCoach multi-sport app available for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android tracks data specifically for soccer, basketball, tennis, rugby, handball and football. You can also use the miCoach website.

  • Features+-
    • Tracks data on your speed, stride rate, distance and game time
    • Attach it to your shoelace with included clip, or conceal it inside miCoach-compatible boots or shoes
    • Transmit data wirelessly via Bluetooth to your Android, iOS or Windows Phone 8 device
    • Use the miCoach app to track, analyze and improve your game
    • For iOS users, receive customized feedback through the app when you play soccer, basketball, tennis, rugby, handball and football
    • Speed_Cell is splash proof
  • Specs+-


    • In-Shoe size: 35 x 24.8 x 8.1 mm
    • In-Shoe weight: less than 9 grams (including battery)
    • Size with shoe clip: 44.8 x 29.2 x 13.5 mm
    • Weight with clip: less than 10 g (including battery)
    • Power: Replaceable CR2032 lithium battery
    • Battery life: Up to 5 months, assuming five 1-hour sessions per week
    • Communication link: ANT+™ protocol, ANT-FS
    • RF frequency: 2.4 GHz
    • Communication range: More than 2.5 m in lace position (dependent on receiver unit)
    • Calibrated speed/distance accuracy: Walk 97%, jog 98%, run 97%; median accuracy
    • Uncalibrated speed/distance accuracy: Walk 95%, jog 95%, run 95%; median accuracy

    In The Box

    • Speed_Cell
    • Speed_Cell Clip
    • CR2032 Lithium battery (installed in Speed_Cell)
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