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  1. 3 years ago
    Sharp looking, sleek and functional
    The elegant sleek black case is very nicely streamlined. Fits together well in covering my iPad. Nearly seamless. It's a delight to carry. The folding support feature is slightly loose in stability . It holds my iPad up as it was designed to, but takes little motion to collapse, and while using it gives a bit of inconvience having to reset it too many times.
  1. 2 years ago
    Great Case
    Hello this is a really good case, drop test up to 12', looks great on the phone and the buttons work perfectly fine on mine. I had this case on my V10 also with no issues. This is a great look and feeling case
  1. 4 years ago
    One of the best cases on the market for the Ellipsis 7
    By the individual ratings I gave, one would think my overall would be a 2 maybe a 3. I gave this case a 4 overall. I'll get to that in a few. For starters the East of Use is great. The case is very simple to install and very easy to take apart, if you should need to. I purchased the 7 tablet for my 7-year-old son. He really needs Fort Knox around the tablet, but this will do just fine. I gave low numbers in the design aspect of this case. The headphone jack fits several different plugs fine. I ... read more used Skulls, Beats, Apple and some generic ones I got from my HTC One. All fit great. That said, the rubber dust cover for the headphone jack doesn't like to stay closed. It lays flat, but there is no tension on it. I don't know if that is a design flaw, or a fluke with my case. The charging port has a very light amount of tension on it too. Volume rocker and power button are very responsive. All corners have shock guards on them that provide a ton of support. I was very impressed by this. The rear of the case has rubber grips for holding the case. This will come in handy with greasy 7-year-old fingers. The camera (rear and front) cut outs looks great. Not what you would expect from a Verizon branded case. The cut outs look as or even better than some higher priced cases. The biggest set back, which really disappointed me, was the lack of a Micro SD card cut out on the case. One of the great aspects of the Ellipsis 7 was the SD card slot. To get to this, you have to take the case apart completely. Same goes for the SIM card, but honestly who pulls the SIM card out of their device anyway? If another company comes out with a case such as this one, I will switch out for a case with an SD card cut out. Its that important to me. Above I went over some of the features of this case in the design areas. I'll just leave the features at that. I can say that for the price of the case, you are getting way more than your paying for. I do want to add, that the top layer of the case has a very nice thick quality screen protector on it. So far I have not seen the common mirage or orange peel effect that comes with cases such as these. Performance will be an on going thing for me. I have had this now for a week with hard core 7 year old use. The case has performed better than I expected and so far, I am very pleased with what it is. Over all, I recommend this case if you want great protection. I have no use for flip leather foo foo cases with pretty designs on them. I am a guy, outdoorsman, hunt, fish and prefer a rugged flat case for my gear. The case does come in two colors, black and grey or blue and red. I am a Kansas Jayhawk nut, so the red/blue fit very well into my life. Now to hit on what I said about the overall rating at the start of this review, I gave the overall rating much higher marks that one would expect. Reason being, this is a Verizon branded case for a Verizon branded tablet. The chances of a mid-major to major company running a line of cases for this tablet are slim to none in my opinion. Verizon has put two cases out there for the people who want ruggedness and protection for their tablets. Not much else can be had for this tablet. For that reason alone, I give this an overall rating of 4 out of 5. If say a mid-major company had several cases as rugged as this case, on the market, I would probably drop it to a solid 3.
  1. 3 years ago
    Replaced my "Case-Mate" case ... Great Case
    While not pleased wth the orange in rim (much rather have other color) ... but no options if U want clear case. Great feel compared to my clear "Case-Mate" which was slippery and lacked same level of protection. Even with the orange - looks great on my White/Gold iph 6 plus. Great secure feel for highly protective case while still maintaining a low profile. Recommend (#1 rated) "Sir Lancelot's" Holy Grail armor glass for the screen.
  1. 4 years ago
    Slip proof and dual protection
    I love the Incipio duo cases because they offer dual covers and are non-slippery. Keeps my phone safe in my hand. They are also easy to get off and on a phone, which is VERY nice.
  1. 5 years ago
    Awesome Case, even better support!!
    I love this case. This case has without a doubt protected my phone from the elements. It is very durable and well designed. I wouldn't trust my phone to anyone other than Otterbox. We purchased a second Samsung Galaxy S4 for my wife just a few weeks after I got mine. She didn't want this case because she said it was too bulky. She purchased some other brand case for her phone (I tried to warn her...) and away we went. In only a matter of two weeks she is now working through the insurance process ... read more to get her screen replaced! She has also decided to get an Otterbox like mine. :) - I have managed to break several belt clips for this case as they don't seem to be very durable. My phone will rub on a doorjamb, cabinet, or anything of that nature and the clip will break. The good news is that Otterbox has promptly sent me a replacement every time! Thanks guys! Anyways, if you are thinking about buying this case, quit thinking about it and buy one already!!
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  1. 3 years ago
    Best case period
    I bought this case specifically for my new iPad Air 2. I had looked at some other case brands and reviews that I could find locally. I have had great luck with Defender Cases for iPad 2, iPhone 4 and 6. So, I ended up ordering one direct and had it by the weekend. I like the feel of this case and enjoy the security of protecting my investment. I have accidentally dropped my phone a time or two and had no issues. All my i-devices still look brand new after using these Otterbox cases. All buttons ... read more worked well for me (including the iPhone 6 case.) I'll be buying an Otter Case for the next iPhone 8 or iPad Air 3 at some point down the road.
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  1. 3 years ago
    Very nice case fashionable ... you can see the apple through the case. I only recommend for gold iPhone and it doesn't really protect well but it's good enough and looks nice
  1. 5 months ago
    Love It
    I love this case. I always get compliments when people see my taking my card out of it. I tell them to go to Verizon and get one for themselves. I highly recommend.
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