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  1. 4 years ago
    happy with case wish there were more color choices.
  1. 2 years ago
    Yellowing Of Clear Portions Of Protective Cover
    For those of you who have had problems with the yellowing of clear portions of protective cover, you might want to try cleaning the affected portions of the cover with toothpaste and rinse with water. I have run into this with other similar silicone materials, and it works great. Apparently the yellowing is some type of oxidation on the surface of the silicone, and the mild abrasive in the toothpaste will clean that off. Be certain to rinse thoroughly with water and dry before re-fitting the ... read more cover to your Bose SoundLink. I hope this helps.
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  1. 5 months ago
    Cool and fun case!
    The case is slim with a hard & soft shell, dropped a few times & in great shape! The live case is fun & informative. Everyday, there is a new location on Earth as the background that is not only beautiful but the Live app will give you details on that location and attractions and things to do in the area. It is a like a little vacation on your phone and a treat to wake up to!
  1. 6 years ago
    Very Attractive Case
    Purchased this for my wifes new Droid Razr Maxx in pink. More fuschia, a purple/pink combination. Provides reasonably good protection with minimal weight and bulk. Would probably protect the phone from usual drops onto a hard floor but the case, itself, might not survive. One subtle plus is that its relatively easy to remove, especially compared to my Otterbox Commuter case. This can be a benefit if youre trying to fit the phone into a charger that wont accept even a thin case. All in all, a ... read more very nice case. I suspect that similar cases can be had for less but the advantage of seeing it in the Verizon store and convenience of purchasing a relatively inexpensive item won us over.
  1. 10 months ago
    Great phone case!
    I bought this case a few weeks ago. I had to get a new phone because I dropped mine and the screen shattered. Upon getting my new phone I figured I would invest in a case that would ensure the safety of my phone if I were to drop it again. Otter boxes are known for their protection of phones. What I didn't want was a big bulky case so I decided to go with the commuter series. This case is great because it is slim and fits in my pockets easily and also has 2 pieces so it will protect the phone if ... read more I am to drop it. Definitely recommend this case to those that want the protection that comes with an otterbox but also do not like big and bulky cases
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  1. 9 months ago
    Works for me!
    I really like this case. Small, light, offers good surface and scratch protection, raised thick corners and easy access to all the ports on the phone. The pretty white color looks beautiful on my purple Note 8 which is the icing on the cake. This one is still new but I have owned several Tech 21 cases for other phones and they have all held up well and showed no signs of wear after months on a phone. I am not hard on my phones and don't drop them so I can't speak for the level of drop ... read more protection. If you are hard on your phone and drop it regularly I would go with a more protective case.
  1. 8 months ago
    The best holster clip on on the market!!
    I have used this product by Verizon with every iPhone that I have owned. I prefer to keep the phone turn horizontal, that way it doesn’t dig into your side when you lean over( I am on the thin side). Great protection, however there is no coverage on the top and bottom, but the corners are covered.Having a stand integrated in the design is a plus as well. Really can’t go wrong with this product if this is how you prefer to carry your phone.
  1. 2 years ago
    Very Good Case
    I got this case because I wanted something that I could easily use with or without a holster with my iPhone 7, and something that did not leave the top and bottom of the phone's screen unprotected and subject to damage. This case (without the holster) provides protection all around the phone, and is relatively lightweight and less bulky vs some competitors. It is a 2 piece design with an inner part that you put on first, and then the outer shell. You then slide that entire assembly into the ... read more holster. All the buttons and ports on the phone are covered, although there are 2 grills in the case at the bottom. I have read where some people had difficulty with the mute button not working smoothly, but I have had no problem. To charge or use headphones with the lightning adapter, you need to open the port at the bottom. When I got this I was worried it might be too heavy for my car holder, but it is light enough that I can use my TechMatte car holder magnet to hold it; whether other brands of magnetic card holders would work, I don't know. It does not come with integrated screen protection, and I personally prefer not having that integrated. However, if you add a screen protector, it either needs to be perfectly centered (unlikely), or the side edges of the screen protector will be impacted by the edge of the case. I was using a Verizon Display Protector plastic screen protector, and it caused a bubble on the side where it was hitting that kept coming back because the case was just aligned so on that side it was slightly lifting the edge of the protector. I was able to cut off about 1 mm of the plastic screen protector on that side, and then the screen protector did not bubble up. On the top and bottom, the case overlaps the screen by 1-2 mm, so there is no issue there with the edge of the protector getting pushed up. I do not know if there would be an issue with the glass screen protectors, but if there was, you would not be able to cut them as needed. Another thing I like is that the case slides in and out of your pocket easily, but still has some tackiness so that it will not slide as easily of a computer or book if you are carrying your phone on top of them; many cases slide as if they were on ice. While many cases are very hard, this one has a bit of flexibility to it and I like the feel; that said, it is not soft. I have not dropped tested it (and hope I never do), but there are a number of videos that show the case protects the phone quite well. One downside on functionality - it seems that the speakerphone does not work as well in the case. Although there are grills on the bottom of the case, perhaps the microphone on the bottom is impacted. The other microphones at the top of the phone on the front and back are not blocked. One thing the case lacks is a kickstand for propping up the phone. The holster is made of very hard plastic. The clip rotates 360 degrees. My case fits a bit loosely into the holster and "rattles" just a bit, I would prefer a slightly more snug fit. Overall, this was the best holster case that I have found on the market at this time, although it is not perfect.
  1. 4 years ago
    Great but...
    I loved this case; it was sleek, thin not bulky, and fit easily in the pocket of my slacks, BUT it will not let you use the tempera shatter proof protector. The case is not deep enough so the cover developed air pockets and eventually peeled off.
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