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  1. 7 months ago
    Mixed review- fits with screen protector, shields sides, but INSANELY SLIPPERY
    This was the only one of 3 cases I purchased for my new Note 8 that a) allows for and doesn't ruin a tempered glass screen protector and b) gives good bumper protection to the vertical sides of the phone. While it does partially cover the edge function and edge lighting, I don't use them much anyway and would much rather those frighteningly exposed glass screen edges be protected. It's a fairly boring and un-stylish appearing case but it is protective, albeit against drops due to it's own ... read more slipperiness! In the second hour I had the phone and put this case on it slid out of my hand and off from the top of my laptop keyboard and smashed face down on a tile floor in both cases. In both cases no damage to the phone, once the tempered glass screen protector popped off whole somehow. I have mixed feelings about how dangerously slick this case is, thank god it actually protects against the edges. As a side note I use spigen magnet car vent phone mounts and the case allowed for the magnet strip to be placed on it's inside and no problems having the phone fit in afterwards. Fairly strong grip on the magnet compared to other cases and weights, but again, the case is so slippery that a good sideways knock might slip the whole thing off the magnet despite magnet strength. I've always preferred Spigen cases for their quality, style, functionality, and durability but I can't get a decent screen protector to fit with them on this phone (same issue I had with the note 7). They also don't protect the sides of the phone screen edges as well either. They were never slippery though and had a good grip and were easy to disinfect as well (I'm a veterinarian and have to constantly clean my phone). I'm going to give this case more time but short of wrapping it in duct tape to make it slightly less slippery, I'm at a loss for how to fix that aspect of it.
  1. 3 years ago
    Great Case - Bad Features
    I have had the case now for about 5 days and Love the Style and the Look and Feel... BUT....... Problems so far with the Case.... 1) NO adjustment for the screen time out in the little window times our WAY to fast... ( Wish that was there ) 2) When taking a Picture you would think because it is a NOTE 4 and has a GREAT Back Camera that the pictures would be of EQUAL SIZE and Quality of a normal picture that you would take with the phone open. That is not the case.. It is a BAD Image and a BAD ... read more Size of an image. It isn't the same as if you had the case open and was taking a picture. So I will NEVER use this feature of this. 3# Same as the above #2# with the Video Option.. Not good Quality at all and not a good size at all. So I will never use that feature.. 4) When you get a txt. It shows you the txt notification and you can swipe it up to see the txt but you cant respond or anything #not even a button for a voice response and send) that also is pretty stupid not to have. I wont ever use that feature.. 5) You cant create a short cut to another app to use in that small window..
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  1. 3 years ago
    Best case I've ever owned
    I bought this case when I got my phone about a year ago. I was just looking for the cheapest, no frills case I could find so I just chose this one. Didn't put any thought into it. But I've grown to love it. It's served me now on a backpacking trip through Europe, all the hazards of working in a busy kitchen, and a move across country. It's simple, the wood like effect you get on the sides was an unexpected bonus, and most importantly, it's compact. I've had plenty of cases that just add so much ... read more bulk to your phone, and with the S5 being as big as it is already, you cant really afford to be carrying around any extra bulk in your hands and pockets. If you're looking for a great case (for probably any phone) look no further.
  1. 2 years ago
    Fantastic Case for my iPhone
    This case is terrific! It is durable and has a frame similar to the Otterbox Commuter, but with leather backing and flip cover. The quality is high and the leather looks great. It's a very professional looking case, and is unique from the typical case style of plain plastic. There's room for a couple of business cards or credit cards in the flip cover, but it's not a wallet; it's just a supplementary space for something small. Overall, this is my favorite case that I've ever used. Get it, ... read more you won't regret it!
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  1. 3 years ago
    nice and thin
    I have the black one on the white and gold iPad air 2. Nice fit and stands up nice while i am typing. Also good for watching youtube and movies. Shuts off when you place the cover over the screen. I use to have the Zagg and this is so much lighter using it with swype. I don't mind bring it with me now. Speaker holes line up perfectly. Good sound with case. Nice investment.
  1. 2 years ago
    Clear smooth and looks great
    It is a great glass screen protector. It feels smooth to the touch and does not interfere with the screen.
  1. 4 years ago
    Great for safety
    This product seems to have all the right things to help keep this big phone safe. Tried the flip cover, it was a pain, and didn't offer any protection for the phone. glad they came out with this!
  1. 3 years ago
    Great protection
    The grip is great on this case which highly decreases the chances of dropping the phone because it slipped your hand. It fits perfectly on my phone and protects it well. Only thing I wish is that there was more color variety but I believe this case is going to last me even longer than the phone itself. So far it has been working great! I haven't dropped my phone and If I do, I'll see how well this case did its job.
  1. 4 years ago
    Otterbox knows their stuff
    I love otterbox's designs. Total protection. No need for protective film on the glass because of their front cover. I tried it with the film & it made it to hard to move around the screen & to select items, once I took off the film worked great. The only things I found I wish were better are if it was better water protection & it does tend to heat up quicker than normal but that only matters if you are on it all the time otherwise it does get a chance to cool down. With the hard shell cavered by ... read more thick rubber case it's a must have for anyone that tends to drop things. I would recommend it to everyone who gets a cellphone to the new Samsung tablet for peace of mind that your item is protected.
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