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  1. 4 years ago
    Great protection against heavy knocks
    Great protection while still allowing speaker sound to get thru openings. Can talk and hear perfectly. Rubber outer case means less slipping out of hand in first place. Drawback is the screen is slightly less sensible and bright because of the clear shell layer over it; unnoticeable for most part. Does come with holster / stand which I wasn't sure about based on info on Verizon website.
  2. 3 years ago
    water resistent
    I must say this is the best case I have had so far. I work in the oil and gas fields. I deal with a lot of water dirt and debris. Well a couple weeks ago I dropped my phone in to a water tank and it sat in three to four feet of water for around 7 minutes before I was able to get it out. And my phone is perfectly fine. Everything still works on it like when I took it out of the books. I will never go with any other case than this now.
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  1. 1 month ago
    Amazing Quality
    Purchased for my dad for his Note 5. Price was delivered by courier to my front door in Ireland. My dad loves it and has piece of mind his phone will be safe.
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  2. 2 years ago
    Smart protection
    I wouldn't own a smart phone without an Otter product to protect it. The Defender case is ideal, mostly. My only problem is the screen cover. I use thumbprint to unlock my phone, and after a few moths, there is visible wear on the clear screen protector. The wear is enough to distort my view of that part of the screen. This is not covered under warranty. Also, this part is not replaceable. But, I still stand by the Otter Box Defender.
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  1. 3 years ago
    Incipio Dual Pro - Red
    This is a great case for the Droid Turbo. I looks good on the Turbo, feels good in the hands, and protects the Turbo extremely well!! I purchased the Red Turbo and wanted a red/maroon colored case of some kind... I was pleasantly surprised to see Verizon had a special color that matched the Red Turbo. You can't get the Dual Pro in Red on the Incipio web site, for right now, just Verizon. The case fits perfectly snug around the Turbo and has a smooth matte finish. The finish provides a good ... read more grip and the Maroon/Red looks really sharp on the Red Turbo. The best is for last.. it protects the Turbo very well!!! Yesterday, I was getting out of my SUV in my garage...had my Turbo in hand and opening the back seat door to get my backpack.. the backpack comes tumbling out...I catch the Backpack, but the Backpack knocks the Turbo out of my hand and sends it flying across the garage floor...needless to say OUCH!! I picked up the Turbo... no damage to the Turbo and no scratches or damage to the Dual Pro case. Bottomline.. you can't go wrong with the Incipio Dual Pro for your Turbo... it looks great, fits like a driving glove, and protects VERY well.
  2. 3 years ago
    So far, just as good as an Otterbox commuter edition
    I got this case because, according to its description, it was just as good as the Otterbox commuter. So far, this has been true. Whereas I am not trying to drop or throw my phone around to test it, I feel safe with this case. It also is sleek and stylish. It might add a little bulk to your phone at first, if you aren't used to such a large phone (I wasn't!) but you will quickly forget about it. The case is slick enough to slide into your back jean pocket but not so slick (like the phone) that it ... read more slides off a flat surface.
  1. 2 years ago
    Elegant case with great looks/protection
    I initially bought a clear case, theoretically, to preserve the looks of my beautiful Samsung Note 5. However, the clear case made my expensive phone look like a cheap knock-off. It felt weird and cheap while holding the phone. The head-phone jack was incompatible with my head-phones. So i ended up visiting my local verizon store and tried on few phone cases. Granted that this case covers the front part of my phone, however it adds elegance and good aesthetics to the phone. The case is of very ... read more good build quality and has a premium tactile feel to it. The ports cut-outs are big and i am able to fit all of my head-phones. (I need my head-phones, i am a music lover.) Go for this case, you won't regret it. Cheers !
  2. 2 years ago
    Very Nice, Stylish Case
    I was a little skeptical of this non-name brand case but decided to give it a shot as I liked the design. It was a very pleasant surprise when it arrived. I've purchased and rated many phone cases in the past from minimal to maximum protection for Samsung phones. *** Pro's *** - Good build quality for a soft bumper case design - I would describe as Medium protection level for your phone providing some drop protection, but more safeguarding from daily wear and tear - Great looking, elegant design ... read more - Navy color matches the black Note 5 (which is actually a sapphire blue) quite nicely and looks fantastic on the phone - Contoured back that matches the phone's curved back design - feels great in the hand while providing additional grip - Incorporated rubber bumper around the screen providing good 'face down' protection - Recessed camera opening on back protecting lens when laying phone on back - Well designed, oversized openings for ports and stylus while still providing good protection *** Cons *** - A little pricey compared to the slew of other cases available on the 'InterWebs', however for me, the end product seems premium and worth the cost.
  1. 3 years ago
    I ran over my phone with a tractor the other day, luckily in the otter box. Picked it up and made a test perfect.
  2. 3 years ago
    The product seems durable
    Since I just got the otterbox yesterday, I can't confirm how well it works yet. I'll know the first time I drop my phone! The instructions were not clear so I had to get someone else to take the otterbox apart to get my phone in. It's not a quick process. The screen cover is junk. The stickers would not come off cleanly so by the time I got them removed, the screen cover is scuffed up. The stickers did not aid in applying the cover so just leave them off!
  1. 4 years ago
    Superior Protection Hands Down!
    As an active person I must say that my phone has had several accidental launches that should have caused damage or a cracked screen. On time I was even climbing a ladder and my Samsung Galaxy S4 fell to the concrete floor from 8-9 feet high. The phone bounced at least twice, and landed screen down. The Otterbox came through evrey time. I couldn't imagine having anycase less capable to protect a very costly device. Deductables for repairs just one time would cost double what my Otterbox cost me ... read more in the first place. I would recommend the Otterbox to everyone. My holster broke within the warranty period and a quick replacement with free shipping was deliverd to my door! Added bonus to boot!
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  2. 4 years ago
    Durable and Protective
    I have always used a the Otterbox Defender series cases for all my smart phones. The holster recently broke and Otterbox sent me a replacement without any cost. I am an avid runner and I use my smartphone for music and an gps enabled app to measure my speed an distance. I have dropped my phone many times but the defender cases keeps me from having to pay for repairs. On another note, I parachute out of airplanes with my phone and it has survived all my jumps.
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