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Spotlight on the Bose® SoundLink® Color Bluetooth® Speaker


Spotlight on the Bose® SoundLink® Color Bluetooth® Speaker

Looking for the perfect gift for your music-loving friend or just want an awesome portable speaker that can accompany you to this year’s festive gatherings? The Bose® Sound Link® Color Bluetooth® Speaker is up to the task. Compact yet highly capable, this wireless speaker is ready to deliver big, awesome sound, whether at home or on the go.


Ready to go at a moment’s notice

You’re just sitting at home catching up on the latest shows on Hulu. Just as you’re getting to the good part, your phone rings. It’s your best friend inviting you to an impromptu gathering. So, you jump up, grab your Bose SoundLink Color speaker, toss it in your bag and head out the door.


When you arrive at the party, you’re pleased to see your besties hanging around, just happily chatting with one another. But, there’s something missing: the music. So, you grab your SoundLink Color out of your bag, and pull your playlist up on your smartphone. Soon the tunes are pumping, everyone’s jumping and the gathering has gone from OK to really rocking’.


Easy pairing, long-range listening

With the SoundLink Color, you enjoy full sound from a speaker that’s lightweight and simple to use. Voice prompts talk you through Bluetooth pairing with your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth device and can even connect with two compatible devices simultaneously. Result: you can switch between the paired devices quickly to, for example, listen to hip hop tunes saved to your phone, then when the mood strikes you switch to rock anthems stored on your tablet.


The wireless speaker has a range of about 30 feet, so you can move freely from room to room, while still enjoying your music .*


The SoundLink Color also has an auxiliary input so you can connect to other sources like an MP3 player.


Big bold sound that keeps on going

The speaker plays your favorite tunes, out loud in full, clear audio. But, what else would you expect from Bose but an awesome audio experience that’s true to what the artist intended for you to hear.  And the rechargeable lithium ion battery keeps your favorite music playing for up to 8 hours**.



Ready to suit your style

Place the SoundLink Color on your living room book shelf and stream music to help you relax.  Then, move it to the kitchen counter to provide inspiration as you prepare the family’s favorite meal. Available in five fun colors – black, white, blue, red or mint - the speaker is designed to fit in with a wide range of decorating tastes and styles.  Just pick the one to best match your style.



*Wireless performance may be affected by nearby objects including walls, metal items, and other wireless devices.

**Battery power consumption depends on factors such as network configuration, carrier network and, signal strength.