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Give the Gift of Long Battery Life with Charging Accessories


Give the Gift of Long Battery Life with Charging Accessories

When it’s time to give a gift, you want to give something they’ll use all the time. From your nephew Phil to your best friend Marcy, many of the people in your life probably have mobile devices of some sort and need battery-charging accessories.

Though some of your family and friends may still rely on the wall-socket chargers that came with their devices, why not help boost their mobile independence? People need to power up everywhere. Give the gift of long battery life with one of these great charging accessories.

For the entertainment junkie

How many people spend an entire get-together watching videos and playing games on their phones? Probably more than a few.

If you’re looking for that perfect something for your entertainment-junkie pal who owns a Droid Maxx or Droid Mini by Motorola, a desktop dock is the perfect gift because it charges a device while it’s in use. The Griffin PowerDock automatically puts any of those three smartphones into Desk Mode, keeping apps like your music player and alarm where you can access them quickly. All the while, the phone remains fully functional for texting, answering calls and surfing the web.

For the mobile techie

Wireless (also known as inductive) chargers are some of the hottest products on the mobile market right now. If your sister-in-law owns a phone that’s wireless-charging ready, purchase a compatible wireless charging pad instead of getting her that candle that smells like vanilla. There's nothing vanilla about this device, and with the pad plugged into the wall, she’ll only need to set her device down on it to replenish its battery life.

For the adventurer

For those in your life who like to venture off the beaten path, get them a charging accessory that keeps them connected and safe while exploring. A portable charger (initially powered up the old-fashioned way, by an electrical outlet) keeps phones running anywhere.

The Motorola Power Pack Slim 4000 provides universal power to multiple Android™ devices simultaneously. It can charge the average smartphone battery twice and is powerful enough to charge your tablet. Get one for yourself and pop a power pack in your pocket or bag. It’s perfect for staying juiced up during a camping trip or day hike—or a really long shopping trip.

For an iPhone® 5/5s, try the mophie space pack. The durable hard case adds protection against minor accidents and aily wear and tear, plus it contains a built-in 1,700 mAh battery for back-up juice. It even has 16 or 32 GB of extra storage.