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Help Your Kids Get Creative with These Smart Accessories

Keeping your kids busy can be a challenge, especially when you’re hoping for activities that are active and creative rather than passive and dull.

These mobile accessories keep kids busy and provide ways for them to express themselves through art, puzzles and adventure games.

Crayola DigiTools™ Deluxe Pack

Crayola DigiTools are ideal for little ones. These creative accessories work with an iPad and let your children paint, create drawings, and use a digital airbrush without making a mess. They’ll get a digital stamper among other tools and access to three different apps, so they’ll stay busy—and you’ll have more than enough artwork to cover the fridge.

The deluxe pack also comes with a case, digital crayon and 3D glasses for designs that jump right off the screen. A digital airbrush lets your child switch between materials for different effects.

Ravensburger Augmented Reality Puzzles

These augmented-reality puzzles bring your scene to life. The puzzles depict pictures from around the world, such as Times Square, an African safari or in the sea. The best part about these puzzles happens after they are put together.

Open the compatible app on your iPhone or iPad and point your camera at the puzzle, which quickly comes to life on your screen. Interact with your puzzle creation, including seeing and hearing animation, and personalizing the image. You can even email the image to friends and family.

Woogie Fee and Woogie Zee

These interactive plush toys lead your kids on virtual adventures. A clear sleeve securely holds an iPhone or iPod Touch, providing an outlet for kids to interact with an app and the animal. The fun Woogie app is adorable, giving the Woogie an interactive face, artificial moods and feelings, and even the ability to talk to other nearby Woogies.

Each Woogie offers a variety of activities for your child to enjoy. Swipe the interactive map and your child can set off for adventures to the beach, grocery store, and outer space.

The Woogies come in purple or blue and are recommended for children ages 3–8.