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Introduction to Bundles


Introduction to Bundles

These days everyone from Great-Grandma to your 7-year-old neighbor has a smart device, and that means more and more people of all levels are going online with their phones and tablets – from the technological wiz to the newbie.  At Verizon Wireless, we know not all our customers are "techies." We also know that the choices when it comes to accessorizing your device can seem endless.  How do you even begin to choose the right case? Do you need a screen protector? It can be overwhelming, no doubt.

Allow us to introduce bundles.

What is a bundle?
A bundle is a carefully crafted collection of accessories put together or "bundled" together by our accessories experts to deliver an everything-you-need, one-stop shopping experience. Aside from having all the most fundamental and necessary gadgets pre-selected for you, the benefit to you, the consumer, is the discount. A bundle saves you money compared to the cost of buying each accessory separately. So, buy a bundle and enjoy a good deal. Relish in the comfort of having important accessories for your device put nicely together in one neat package.

There are three main components to a bundle:

Screen protector: Choose between anti-scratch, which is a standard accessory that you apply directly to the screen of your device in order to avoid getting scratches, smudges or anything else directly on the screen of your device; or tempered glass, which offers extra protection due to the shatter-proof glass and smudge-proof coating.

Device case: Our bundles feature everything from basic black to sleek, expertly constructed cases by leading brands like OtterBox and LifeProof. Regardless of your preference, always remember that it's better to have any case than no case at all! The question really becomes just how much protection and functionality do you desire?

Charger: How often are you at home compared to time spent in the car? When selecting a bundle, you can choose between a travel charger or a wall charger. If you have a long commute or take lots of road trips, the travel charger may be right for you. Or, if you're at your desk in the office more often than not, consider a wall charger.

So don't sit scratching your head in bewilderment. Make an educated choice: Pick the right bundle for your smartphone or tablet and get on your way to enjoying all the features your new device has to offer. Check out the bundles page here for a complete listing of those for sale at Verizon.