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Spotlight on Canary all-in-one home security system and mophie powerstation plus 3X


Spotlight on Canary all-in-one home security system and mophie powerstation plus 3X

Sometimes, solutions to life's everyday challenges can be easier and more budget friendly than they might seem. This month, Verizon tackles some of those challenges by offering up easy-to-implement, value-driven tech solutions for two of life's most common lifestyle challenges: home security and devices that run out of battery power too soon.

Home security right out of the box.

Maybe you've resisted installing a home security system in your house or apartment up until now because of the expense. Or maybe because you dread the installation process, or having to quickly remember a passcode when someone accidentally opens a door or window without turning off the alarm.

There's no need to avoid the home security decision because of these concerns. Not with the Canary all-in-one home security system. Canary is a complete security system packed into a single, smart-looking device. Since additional components aren't needed, set-up takes minutes, not days, and you can do it yourself.  Simply download the free iPhone® or Android app, put Canary on a shelf or table in a central area of your home, connect to the Internet, and you're ready to go. It's that simple.

Canary sends intelligent notifications with HD video and audio directly to your smartphone if something out of the ordinary happens.  Or when out and about, you can check the real-time video stream of your home with the 1080p HD camera, 147-degree wide-angle lens and high-quality audio. And don't worry about not being able to see anything at night. Canary's automatic night vision kicks in the moment it gets dark.

But Canary is so much more than just a camera. It also features motion-activated recording, data protection, and a 90+ dB siren that's loud enough to put fear into any intruder.

But what if you're away from home, receive an intruder alert and need to contact local authorities immediately? 911 won't be of any use if you're out of town. Not a problem, thanks to the free Canary app. All it takes to alert your local police department is a tap on your smartphone.

Don't want to mess with passwords and a keypad? Canary has you covered there, too. Canary senses when you come and go and automatically changes modes. You don't even have to pull out your smartphone to arm and disarm.

And Canary is built to learn. The system's algorithm-based motion detection trains itself over time to send you smarter notifications. It even features Homehealth Technology™ to monitor air quality, temperature and humidity to help you understand how your home might affect your health.

What about cost? Well, the free basic plan is included with your purchase, featuring 12 hours of cloud video history, five permanently saved video clips, three free downloads, and video recording and monitoring while Canary is armed. Extended storage plans are available for a nominal fee, and all extended plans are non-contract, so you can opt in and out any time.

Why put off getting a home security system any longer? Easy out-of-the-box installation, instant HD smart phone notification, free app, quick local police connection, real-time streaming, no keypads, and best of all, free basic plan and no contract. Check out Canary from Verizon.

Staying charged is easy with mophie powerstation® plus 3X.

Even those of us who are diligent about keeping our devices charged sometimes find ourselves low on power, usually at the most inconvenient times, and too often without an outlet in sight. While a host of portable chargers have materialized to meet this challenge, two styles are emerging among the leaders: the mophie powerstation plus 3x with Lightning Connector (compatible with the latest iPhones®, iPads® and iPods®) and the mophie powerstation plus 3x with Micro USB connector (a universal charger for use with your Micro USB-enabled tablet or smartphone).  Both styles feature integrated input and output cables, which allow you to charge and sync your devices while simultaneously recharging the powerstation plus.

But the best thing about both mophie powerstation plus 3X styles is that they are designed for both speed and power. The powerstation plus 3x delivers up to three times extra battery to extend the power of your device, and no additional cables are needed.

Maybe you're planning a long road trip, a long day at the beach or an extended camping trip and have multiple devices that need to stay charged. If so, the powerstation plus 3x is just the charger you should consider. Its 5,000 mAh battery lets you juice up several devices when it is charged to capacity. The powerstation plus 3x is also great to have around when you're on the go with a single device for an extended time and multiple charges become necessary.  And with 2.4 amps of high-current power, the mophie powerstation plus 3x delivers one of the quickest charges available to your device.

And this little battery pack knows how to prioritize. When both the device and powerstation are running low, a Priority  + Charging function first charges the device, then restores power to the battery pack, which means your device is given charging priority, so it’s ready to go when you need it.

Challenges solved.


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