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Verizon Wireless Accessories: Staff Picks


Verizon Wireless Accessories: Staff Picks

If you're in the market for some hot new accessories for your smartphone or other hand held device but you're not sure where to begin, sometimes it helps to see what the experts use.

Here are some Verizon Wireless Accessories Staff Picks.

Roberto and Lisa recommend:
Jawbone UP24

Why did you purchase this accessory?

: I bought the UP to track my daily sleep and walking patterns.

Lisa: I was concerned about my sleep patterns, but also felt that a fitness tracker would help increase my physical activity, promoting better sleep.

Why do you love the Jawbone UP24?

: I love it because it helps explain to me why I still feel tired in the morning some times.  The app breaks down my sleeping patterns and shows if I wake up at night.  Also, it helps me realize I need to walk more on a daily basis.

Lisa: There are two features about the UP24 that I really love. The mobile app interface charts your patterns (both sleep and activity levels). This is a quick and easy way to digest the information. Additionally they serve up daily tips and pointers. When you hit milestones or exceed ranges of the overall UP community they send you kudos. It’s fun, and motivating!

Why do you recommend the Jawbone UP24?

: I recommend it because it helps improve your lifestyle. Specifically, it improves sleeping and walking patterns since it allows you to see what happens when you change things in your daily life.

Lisa: I frequently recommend the Jawbone UP24 because it has increased my awareness of overall activity levels and drives me to practice healthy choices. I'm also sleeping much better :o)


Stephen recommends:
The Belkin Netcam HD

Why did you purchase the Belkin Netcam HD?

To keep an eye on my home when I am on vacation.

What is the best feature of the Belkin NetCam HD, in your opinion?

I love that I can pull out my smartphone anywhere, anytime and see my home.

Why do you recommend it?

It was super easy to set up.


Editor's Note: Be sure to check out the updated version of the Belkin Netcam HD, the Belkin Netcam HD+.