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5 Reasons a Bluetooth Headset Is a Must-Have Accessory


5 Reasons a Bluetooth Headset Is a Must-Have Accessory

Life is chaotic. It can be quite a balancing act. In addition to making sure the household is running smoothly, homework is done and the dogs are fed, you're working, shopping and taking kids to appointments. Reclaim a bit of sanity with a wireless headset. Bluetooth wireless headsets were designed to help make the chaos of daily life a bit more manageable.

Here is a list of Bluetooth headsets fit for your hectic daily routine:

Working out without checking out
Try the Jabra® Sport Wireless+ Bluetooth Headset or the Motorola S11-HD Wireless Stereo Headset when you squeeze in the next workout. Not only do they deliver HD audio so that killer workout playlist sounds as crisp as it should, both designs keep moisture out while you sweat out the stress. Their built-in microphone and controls also let you take and make calls handsfree and on the run… literally.

Lend a hand
Your hands are especially occupied when you're ushering little ones in and out of the car, or stowing all of the bags from your shopping trip in the trunk. When it involves the car, there's inevitably lots of packages, accessories and gear to juggle.

The Plantronics Marque 2 Bluetooth Headset has a super-convenient feature: DeepSleep® mode. This wireless technology allows the headset to stay charged for up to five months, so you can stow the portable headset in the car and forget about having to plug it in for quite a while.

Shop smart; communicate smarter
Grocery shopping is one of the most dreaded yet essential chores on the weekly to-do list. Plus, depending on the time of day, it can be a hectic, noisy and an even competitive ordeal (we're looking at you, bargain shoppers). If you want to take or make a phone call during your trip, you'll need something handsfree to maintain control of that shopping cart.

The Bose® Bluetooth Series 2 is created for people constantly on the go, and it works wonderfully in crowded playrooms, at busy grocery stores or amidst noisy traffic. The headset is engineered to react automatically as noise levels change, allowing you to hear your call better. It also has a noise-rejecting microphone system that lets callers hear you in windy or rowdy environments.

Coordinate carpools simultaneously
To save time, energy and even some gas money, parents sometimes coordinate carpools with other parents, and busy coworkers organize carpools for their commute.

The ERA™ by Jawbone® Bluetooth Headset has Simultaneous Multipoint technology, meaning you can manage two calls from two different phones at once.  Easily flip back and forth between parties and coordinate all of the activities for the day, no matter what you're doing, thanks to this handsfree device.

Whistle—or talk—while you work
If you're the type who's on one business call and already thinking about the next one, you need a headset that's known for its comfort and style. Free up your hands without getting fatigued wearing the LG Tone Pro Bluetooth Stereo Headset. Stay on top of your work, catch up with friends on the drive home and even make calls while performing a variety of tasks, such as cooking dinner. After all, you are a professional multi-tasker!

This headset offers Around-The-Neck Wearing Style with Body-Contoured Fit for ultimate comfort, and the music and call controls are conveniently located on the sides of the device. Experience full, rich and authentic sound with the enhanced bass response and features such as HD Voice.

So no matter what tasks you need to accomplish while staying connected, there’s a Bluetooth headset that’s bound to make life a little easier.