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New Smart Home Technologies Offer a Refreshed Approach to Everyday Challenges


New Smart Home Technologies Offer a Refreshed Approach to Everyday Challenges

Everyone’s heard of keeping up with the Joneses. It’s the notion of having the best of the best. And, if it’s houses we’re talking about, perhaps that means having one of the smartest homes on the block.

Whether your abode already incorporates smart technology or you have yet to venture into the foray of intelligent products, you’ll appreciate these standout accessories. Available from Verizon, these must-haves are sure to have the neighbors talking.

Arlo Wire-Free Security System: Keep an eye on things when you’re away.
You’ve worked hard to make your home the best that it can be. So do what you can to keep an eye on things, even when you’re not home. Easy to set up and budget friendly, the Arlo Wire-Free Security System with two HD Cameras by Netgear comes with a base station and two weatherproof, all-season cameras. Place the cameras indoors or out — wherever best suit your needs. No cords means no limits.

Connect the base station to your existing WiFi router. Then, download the free Arlo app. Feel like checking in on your pets or making sure all is fine outside your home? Just pull up the app to take a look. Since the cameras are engineered with night vision, you can capture every moment  — even in complete darkness. You can also program Arlo for where and when you want it to detect motion. If motion is detected, you’ll get a mobile alert so you’ll know to take a look.

Ring Video Doorbell: Answer the door without actually opening it.

You’re in the middle of your favorite TV show and the doorbell rings. Or, you’re expecting an important package but you know you’ll be out of town when it’s delivered. So now what?  Let Ring Video Doorbell come to the rescue. Just replace your traditional doorbell with this high tech version. Then, download the Ring app to your iOS or Android device. The next time your doorbell rings, use the app to receive video and audio of guests at your front door. You can then decide to answer back via the app or physically go to the door to answer it.

As with the Arlo security system, the Ring Video Doorbell has night vision for capturing video in dimly lit settings. It can also record footage to cloud storage for later review. Ring Video doorbell operates on your existing WiFi network and can be powered through the built-in battery or existing doorbell wires.

Nokē Bluetooth Padlock: Secure your stuff without a key.

And, let’s not forget your shed. While technically not part of your home, it houses some valuable stuff that you’d rather not part with, such as your bike or your lawnmower. Sure you could use a traditional padlock to lock up that shed. But, there’s always the risk that you lose the key or forget the combination. Then what? Instead, bring securing your belongings into the 21st Century with the first-of-its kind Nokē Bluetooth® Padlock.   The lock is keyless and unlocks automatically via the Nokē app and Bluetooth on your iOS, Android or Windows device whenever your device is nearby. No need to even take your device out of your bag or pocket or open up the app.

And, if a friend wants to borrow something from your shed, like that oh-so-valuable bike, turn to the app. It lets you share access, revoke access, as well as view where, when and by whom your lock was accessed.

Nokē Bluetooth Padlock is also built to last and withstand the elements. It’s made of hardened steel and boron, has an IP66 water rating and all sensors and buttons are tucked inside so they’re protected during inclement weather.

Today’s smart home accessories are meant to make life easier, so why not take advantage of them.  For even more ideas, check out these other smart accessories available from Verizon.

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