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Samsung's Innovative Gear S2 Takes a  New Twist on Smartwatches


Samsung's Innovative Gear S2 Takes a New Twist on Smartwatches

Sometimes simple is better. And, that’s the approach taken by the Samsung Gear S2. A new twist on smartwatches, the Gear S2 and Gear S2 classic not only use a round design to define their looks, but it’s also how they’re used.


Circular shape, bold display

The Samsung Gear S2* and Gear S2  classic go back to the basics with an elegant circular face, classic good looks and comfortable stainless steel body. A generously sized 1.2-inch circular Super AMOLED display with dark background shows your content in bold, vibrant 360 x 360 resolution. A 4GB internal memory bank provides ample space to store music and other content.


An easy-to-grasp bezel surrounds the watch face and provides click-by-click access to notifications, text messages, apps and more that are displayed on the watch face.


The freedom to choose

With Gear S2, you get to decide how you’d like to like to handle your calls and notifications. For the flexibility to leave your phone at home but still stay in touch, choose the Gear S2 with 3G connectivity. The built-in connection means you can make calls, find directions, and check and respond to text messages right from your wrist.


Another Gear S2 with 3G connectivity is the Gear S2 classic, crafted for those who want a smartwatch with a fashionable, classic design. This full-feature, connected smartwatch boasts an elegant, truly classic circular face, comfortable stainless steel body, a genuine leather band and boasts the same great connectivity features as its Gear S2 brother.


If you prefer a watch that’s a complement to your smartphone, opt for one of two Bluetooth offerings available from Verizon. Both connect wirelessly to your compatible device and provide an easy way to interact with your calls, text messages, notifications and more without having to reach for your phone every time.


The Bluetooth versions have built-in Wi-Fi and NFC and come in two different designs, so you get the freedom to choose which is right for you. The Gear S2 Bluetooth™ is available in a dark gray case with a dark gray band and silver case with a white band. The Gear S2 Classic Bluetooth™ is available in a black case with a leather band.


The connected and non-connected watches also let you reflect your personal style with interchangeable bands and customizable faces. Choose the watch face to match your style or situation. For example, when heading to the office, pick something more formal. When spending time at the gym, go for a background with less pretense.



Just give it a twist

Dial into every moment with the Gear S2, an innovative smartwatch with a simple yet intuitive interface. It uses Samsung’s proprietary Tizen operating system and is compatible with most Android™ smartphones.


A quick turn of the bezel gives you click-by-click access to apps, widgets, notifications, menus, text and the watch’s main interface. Then your content is displayed on the watch face. Respond to messages with emoji, quick preset text responses or mini on-screen keyboard. Zoom into a map. Keep tabs on your favorite team or the day’s top news stories. Easily control your playlist while out for a jog.


If you prefer to use the touch screen, the Gear S2 has that too. So you can swipe through things if that’s your preferred method of interaction.


Stay on track

Gear S2 also has a built-in activity tracker with heart rate monitor. Use both with the included S Health feature to track your activity and measure your pulse to determine the intensity of your workout. A 24-hour overview let’s you see what you’ve accomplished during the day.


Never miss a moment

Powered by an internal rechargeable battery, the Gear S2 Bluetooth provides up to 3 days of use before requiring a charge**.  And when it’s time to power up, simply place your Gear S2 on the wireless charging dock and it will soon be at the ready for more texting, calling or activity tracking.



*Samsung Gear S2 is a companion device for compatible Android smartphones, sold separately. Network coverage not available everywhere and requires a qualifying wireless plan. Phone must be powered on and connected to your carrier's network. Compatible with Android 4.4 and later with 1.5GB RAM. Some features may not be available. For best compatibility, connect with Samsung Galaxy devices.

**Battery power consumption depends on factors such as network configuration, carrier network and, signal strength.