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A Gift Guide to Smart Gadgets for the Home


A Gift Guide to Smart Gadgets for the Home


Having trouble finding the perfect gifts for your tech-oriented friends who already have all the latest smartphones, tablets and smartwatches? Consider a tech gift that makes their homes a little smarter, safer and more comfortable. Here are a few suggestions for the hard-to-please tekkies in your life:

Gift idea #1: Get answers, manage tasks with Google Home.

Google Home
is a good bet to please the tekkiest of tekkies. Powered by the Google assistant, Google Home responds to simple voice commands to play music. To provide instant answers to every day questions. To manage household tasks like setting alarms, starting timers, adding to a shopping list, turning up a compatible thermostat, streaming video to a television with Chromecast (sold separately) and so much more. All by voice, and all activated by the words, Ok, Google.”

Gift idea #2: Control lighting from a smartphone or tablet.

Philips Hue smart lighting remotely sets the mood, brightens a bedroom to make mornings cheerier and even makes a home look occupied when vacant. And it’s all controlled by WiFi and an existing Android™ or iOS device.

The Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 Starter Kit includes three Hue bulbs and a wireless bridge that supports up to 50 Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 Single Bulbs. All your friends have to do is screw the Hue bulbs into standard light sockets and connect the wireless bridge to their router. They’ll delight in choosing from up to 16 million lighting colors or selecting from pre-set color schemes using the Philips Hue app.

A thoughtful add-on is the Philips Hue LightStrip Plus,* a flexible 6.5-foot strip with LED technology. It can be bent, shaped and cut to size for customized accents. Or add Philips Hue Go* to the gift mix as a versatile accent lamp for additional decorative highlighting or wall washing.

Gift idea #3: The smart way to answer the door.

Friends will appreciate this smart gift that answers the door, especially if they want to give the impression that they’re home when actually away. Easy to install, the Ring Video Doorbell gives them the power to see and hear who’s at the door using their iOS or Android device and the Ring app. They can choose to answer back, or they can decide to ignore the bell ringer. Ring Video Doorbell operates on an existing WiFi network and can be powered through the built-in battery or existing doorbell wires. Footage can be sent to the cloud for later review.

Gift idea #4: A smart thermostat that programs itself.

The 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat is a gift that both tekkies and tech newbies can appreciate. Easy to install and simple to activate, Nest Thermostat works with most low-voltage heating and cooling systems and can be controlled even when away from home using a compatible mobile device. The Nest Thermostat creates a personalized schedule based on the temperature changes made on a regular basis. After a week, it begins to program itself and even senses when the home is empty and adjusts the temperature accordingly.

Gift idea #4: The smart way to keep an eye on their home.

Maybe your hard-to-shop-for tech friends are avid travelers. If so, the Nest Cam Security Camera may be just what they need to keep a watchful eye on their home when they’re away. It streams 24/7, live, super-vivid 1080p HD video and clear sound to their mobile device, even when that device is lounging poolside on a tropical island. Included is a 30-day trial offer of the optional Nest Aware service, which stores up to 30 days of security footage in the cloud.

Gift idea # 6: The smart security system that gets smarter.

Home security with a twist, the Canary Smart Home Security System sends a notification with recorded HD video if out-of-the-ordinary activity is detected, eliminating unnecessary action if the dog sets off a sensor or your brother stops by unannounced to do some laundry. Canary takes note of the natural rhythms of your home and adjusts its smart notifications accordingly to decrease false alarms. Your response to Canary’s alerts teaches it which events are normal and which really need your attention.

So you see, your tekkie friends aren’t all that hard to buy for after all. Any one of these smart home gadgets will impress them with your knowledge of tech as well as your thoughtfulness. Get them today at Verizon.

*The LightStrips and the Hue Go require the wireless bridge, which comes with any Hue starter kit or can be purchased separately.
Android is a trademark of Google, Inc.