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Take Fitness Tracking to a Whole New Level with Fitbit Blaze™


Take Fitness Tracking to a Whole New Level with Fitbit Blaze™

The Fitbit Blaze™ Smart Fitness Watch provides workout enthusiasts of all levels with a lot to be excited about.  Revolutionary features like PurePulse™ heart rate monitoring and next-generation attributes like connected GPS and FitStar™ on-screen workouts make the Blaze an advanced fitness watch one you’ll want to seriously consider.


PurePulse™ does so much more than measure your pulse.

It’s been a long-accepted fact among fitness professionals that measuring heart-rate before, during and after exercise is beneficial in helping you properly pace yourself and in helping you set fitness goals. If you’re a regular gym attendee, you know that most treadmills, elliptical machines and bikes are equipped with heart-rate sensors you can grab onto. But since you are unlikely to grasp these metal sensors during your entire workout (in fact, many of the machines caution you against doing so during rigorous exercise), the benefit of continuous heart monitoring is missing. Up until the not-too-distant past, the only way to achieve continuous monitoring was through the use of uncomfortable chest straps.    


Enter the Fitbit Blaze with continuous, automatic, wrist-based heart rate tracking. The exclusive PurePulse feature does so much more than many other heart rate monitors. Not only does it measure your pulse continuously, it also provides simplified heart rate zones to help you gauge your workout intensity (consult a health professional and fitness trainer on how to properly use the zones for maximum benefit and to be certain you don’t over-do it, especially in the beginning). Later, use your smartphone, laptop or computer to review the dashboard for not only the day’s heart rate monitoring, but also for past days’ workouts (the Fitbit Blaze is compatible with more than 200 mobile devices). The Blaze provides tools to analyze heart rate trends to help you see how your fitness levels improve. It also monitors your calorie burn with amazing accuracy. And it does all this without an uncomfortable, cumbersome chest strap.


The Fitbit Blaze isn’t just smart. It’s smarter.

If you are an exceptionally active person who enjoys multiple physical activities, you’ll really like the Fitbit Blaze’s SmartTrack™ technology. It automatically recognizes selected activities like runs and rides and records them in the Fitbit app. Of course, if you prefer to enter your activity manually, the multi-tracking feature effortlessly switches from runs to biking to cardio and more, all with real-time stats.


Or perhaps you prefer some direction with your workout. The Fitbit Blaze delivers FitStar Personal Trainer exercise programs and customized video workouts right to your wrist. FitStar boasts a variety of goal-based, high-resolution programs for all fitness levels, including customized routines that adapt based on progress and feedback. New sessions are added every month. It’s just one more way the Fitbit Blaze further shows its grit as a watch that’s smarter than smart.


And that’s not all that’s smarter. GPS technology is no longer just for finding your way across town. The Fitbit Blaze utilizes the scientific know-how you’ve come to love and depend upon to help you maximize your run. The GPS function works with your compatible, nearby smartphone to map your running route and show real-time stats like pace, distance and speed. Review your GPS routes and stats to clearly monitor your improvements and motivate yourself to push just a little harder on the next run.


Why monitor your sleep patterns?

By monitoring how you sleep, you can determine if there are things you can do better during the day to get a healthy amount of uninterrupted sleep. For example, you can see whether or not food or drink close to bed time affects your sleep patterns. You might even be able to determine whether your activity (or lack of it) plays a part in how well you sleep. The Fitbit Blaze automatically tracks and charts your sleep patterns for easy review. And because it also lets you track your eating and automatically charts all of your physical activity, it’s easy to compare your daily reports with your sleep graphs to help make positive adjustments to your daily routine.


Plus, the Fitbit Blaze’s silent vibrating alarm wakes you from a sound sleep, gently and naturally.


Track your progress with mobile and online tools.

Every step you take, every floor you climb, every food you log and every calorie you burn are recorded and wirelessly synced to your dashboard and converted to colorful, easy-to-read charts and graphs. The Fitbit Blaze routinely syncs to your computer and more than 200 leading Android, iOS and Windows wireless devices.


You can also use the online dashboard to set goals and track your weight to help compose a comprehensive picture of your health.



Connect and compete with friends and family.


Fitness is always more fun with family and friends. And because the Fitbit Blaze is compatible with more smartphones than any other fitness tracker, including Android, iOS and Windows, it’s easy to connect, share and compete with almost anyone you want.



And that’s not all.

Those are just the basic features that make the Fitbit Blaze a truly outstanding fitness smartphone. Consider these other features, too:


∙ See call, text and calendar notifications from your nearby smartphone on the Fitbit Blaze’s vibrant, high-resolution color touch screen display.

∙ Adjust your music’s volume, play, pause or switch songs from your nearby smartphone with a simple tap.

∙ Enjoy extra-long battery life…up to 5+ days.*


∙ The water-resistant construction stands up to most of your rugged activities.


∙ Make it your own with interchangeable bands and frames (sold separately) and customizable clock faces.




* Battery power consumption depends on factors such as network configuration, carrier network and signal strength.