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Top Five Reasons to Sometimes Leave Your Smartphone at Home


Top Five Reasons to Sometimes Leave Your Smartphone at Home

Believe it or not, there are instances when not carrying your smartphone actually can be convenient. Here are the top five reasons to consider sometimes leaving it behind. Drum roll, please!

Number Five:

Your tennis shorts have no pockets.

Number Four:

The pockets in your new skinny jeans can barely hold a few folded dollars.

Number Three:

You’ve already trashed a few screens playing touch football that turned out to be more tackle than touch.

Number Two:

Your boss isn’t too keen about you checking your phone for messages while in meetings.

Number One:

At the gym, your dropped phone hits the treadmill belt almost as much as your feet do.

Now you can choose to leave your phone at home and still be connected to it. With the LG Watch Sport on your wrist, you’ll have constant access to calls and texts, even if your phone isn’t turned on.* And the customizable face has a stylish, rotating crown that makes LG Watch Sport super easy to use.

For your active, on-the-go lifestyle.

LG Watch Sport offers a variety of functions that make leaving your phone at home both convenient and enjoyable. For instance, you can also leave your wallet behind, and use Android Pay on your smartwatch to make purchases at millions of places worldwide.

Use Google Assistant on your connected watch to access your favorite apps. Even stream your favorite music.

And because LG Watch Sport is connected to your smartphone number, there’s no need to remember yet another set of digits.

Watch Sport is also a fitness tracker.

Not only can you protect your phone by using the LG Watch Sport at the gym, you can also use it to monitor your heart rate. In fact, wear this smartwatch all day long to keep track of your walking, running, cycling and other physical activity. LG Watch Sport automatically records your daily stats into the Google Fit 2.0 app so you can review your progress and stay on track. You’ll get personalized coaching and fitness reminders, too.

Adjust the look to fit the moment.

LG Watch Sport easily transitions to suit the situation or occasion. Choose the classic timepiece face for work. The “smartpiece” face for casual circumstances. The more elegant fashion face for a night on the town. Or the handsome functional face, optimized for specific tasks such as weather or calendar notifications.

And the Android Wear 2.0† Operating System enhances your LG Watch Sport experience, with standalone apps, standalone Play Store, redesigned app launcher and more.

So go ahead. Discreetly sneak a peek at your messages while on a date. Be active. Go places. Enjoy being phone-free, but still in touch.

And if you need one more reason to leave your smartphone at home, just remember the time your friends tossed you into the pool, your phone dangerously tucked into that sorry excuse of a swim trunks pocket (LG Watch Sport is IP68 water resistant, which means it can withstand water depths up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes).

*Phone does not have to be on for calls and text messaging, but it must be on with IP connection for use with Google, third-party apps. Data usage may apply.
†Android Wear requires a phone running Android 4.3+. Visit on your Android phone to see if your device is compatible.