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Top Mobile Accessories for Teens


Top Mobile Accessories for Teens

There’s a lot more your kids can do with the typical smartphone than simply texting, checking email and browsing the Internet.

These top accessories make great gifts for your teens by letting them explore the world around them, enjoy music or simply enhance the look of their device.

Parrot® AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition

Snapping photos with a smartphone takes on a whole new dimension when connected to this high-flying drone. With the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition, your teen can directly link to a camera that isn’t hampered by paths or roads. Zoom overhead to get fantastic videos and pictures that would be impossible to take from the ground.

Download the app to a compatible smartphone, and use it to control the drone’s flight. Capture still or moving images with the drone’s 720p HD camera that features a wide-angle lens.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 must be registered with the FAA before its first flight outdoors. Visit to register or learn more about the process. 

Beats Solo® HD Headphones

Compact enough to easily carry while sleek enough to blend a mix of sound and style, Beats Solo HD headphones deliver the signature sound Beats by Dr. Dre is known for.

These lightweight on-ear headphones give your kids a great escape into the wonderful world of rhythm. It’s easy to control the tunes with a built-in, three-button remote control, and the headphones fold for easy storage.

Logitech® UE Mobile Boombox

With this wireless speaker, teens can enjoy music wherever they go, without being tethered to a set of earplugs. The Boombox is a compact speaker that fits in the palm of your hand but delivers rich, clear sound to fill a room.

Your teen can even pair the speaker with their friends’ compatible smartphones and let them add their music to the mix.

High-Gloss Silicone Cover

With a high-gloss silicone cover, your teen’s smartphone will reflect his or her personality and style.

After just the right color has been chosen, your teen will also have increased protection against scratches and impacts without losing access to the phone’s ports.

mophie powerstation®

The mophie powerstation keeps a smartphone running smoothly with minimal time spent in the charger. This external battery offers the burst of energy needed for a quick charge while away from an outlet.

The powerstation has a 4000 mAh power capacity, which offers plenty of life for your kids’ phones. Its compatibility with most USB-charged devices makes it ideal for a wide variety of smartphone users.