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Tracking Your Weight Is Easy with These Accessories


Tracking Your Weight Is Easy with These Accessories

Monitoring your weight by constantly having to enter data into spreadsheets or tracking programs can get old fast. But with these accessories, you can easily track your weight and other useful health information such as the number of calories you burn throughout the day.

Fitbit Aria™ Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Calculate your health vitals automatically with the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, which measures weight, body fat percentage and body mass index and helps you set, track and meet your fitness goals.

This scale recognizes you each morning (even without makeup and with your hair all over the place). Setup is easy. Afterward, your data is sent via Wi-Fi to your Fitbit profile, which you access from a smartphone, tablet or computer. All of this can happen for up to eight people, fantastic for busy households where everyone wants to improve their health (information is kept private by default).

Stay organized and motivated by logging meals and workouts, and build a support network by sharing your weight goals and accomplishments with family and friends.

UP24 by Jawbone®

Stepping on a scale is only half the battle. If you want that number to dwindle, then you'll also need to keep track of the calories you burn throughout the day.  

The UP24 by Jawbone is a fashionable way of tracking your fat-melting activity. Just strap it onto your wrist, and the device’s sensor and accompanying app help you log your food intake, keep track of when you sleep, and even alert you when you’ve been idle for too long.

Worn 24 hours a day, the wristband keeps track of your goals and calories burned. The app will help you analyze your food intake, including calories, fats, carbohydrates, protein, sugar, fiber and sodium.

Samsung Gear Fit

Still need a little more motivation to start dropping your number? The Samsung Gear Fit can help keep your fitness goals at the forefront by tracking your calories burned and your heart rate. The Heart Rate Sensor gives real-time
coaching and workout tips, too.

Plus, with a Super AMOLED display, you can check out your data quickly and clearly, or even make or take a call while you’re working out.