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Verizon Wireless Accessories: Staff Picks


Verizon Wireless Accessories: Staff Picks

If you're in the market for some hot new accessories for your smartphone or other hand held device but you're not sure where to begin, sometimes it helps to see what the experts use.

Here are some Verizon Wireless Accessories Staff Picks.

Angel recommends:
Motorola Roadster Pro

Why did you purchase this accessory?

I needed to replace my original Motorola Roadster which I had for a couple of years and used extensively.

Why do you love the Motorola Roadster PRO?

I love it because it connects both of my smartphones and reads my text messages to me. Of course I use the Safely Go App so that people get a note telling them I'm driving, but they can call me.  Then they call and I can hear very clearly and they can hear me!

What are the best features of the Motorola Roadster Pro, in your opinion?

·        Multipoint: The Roadster Pro allows me to be connected to both of my smartphones, but I could also connect one smartphone and my iPad if I wanted.

·        Reads messages via the My Motospeak app

·        Loud and easy to use

Why do you recommend it?

For those of us who have multiple devices and want to talk handsfree, this is a great speakerphone for your car.


Casey recommends:
GoPro Hero 3 + Black Edition

Why did you purchase the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition?

I went SCUBA diving on vacation in early spring, and I wanted to be able to shoot my own professional quality videos.

What are the best features of the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition, in your opinion?

·        Housing is waterproof up to 131 ft.

·        HD quality video

·        Wearable mounting design

·        12 mega-pixel and captures 30 frames/sec

·        Sharing is easy with built-in Wi-Fi

Why do you recommend it?

Great things come in small packages.  This camera is awesome!  It's very durable while it is in its housing and extremely compact and lightweight, which is perfect for bringing it with you everywhere. The quality of the images and the videos that this camera produces is insanely good.  It's almost hard to believe that results this great could come from a device as tiny as this.  Also, it is extremely simple to use.  I learned how to use the device only about an hour before going on my SCUBA dive, so it is definitely great for beginners and professionals alike.  In fact, the very first time that I used it, the images and videos came out superb, which says a lot.


Dana recommends:
The Beats Pill

Why did you purchase this accessory?

It was a gift for my son during the holidays.

What is the best feature of Beats Pill, in your opinion?

The sound, of course!

Why do you recommend it?

My son absolutely LOVES the Beats Pill.  The ordering process truly was so easy.  Billed to my account, and received it right away.  I looked like a hero when he opened that gift!

Check out the latest addition to the Beats Pill family here, the Beats Pill 2.0.