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When your iPhone needs a boost, mophie has you covered


When your iPhone needs a boost, mophie has you covered

If you're like most smartphone users, you find yourself charging once, twice, maybe even three or more times a day. Smartphones have been woven so tightly into our daily routine, it's hard to imagine going even a few hours without one. That's why mophie has worked to create the ultimate case and charger line of accessories for the iPhone 6® and iPhone 6 Plus®.

Introducing the mophie® juice pack® for iPhone 6 Plus, the juice pack air® for iPhone 6 and the juice pack plus® for iPhone 6. This incredible family of juice packs will not only provide your iPhone with reliable protection, they will also add lots of talk, video playback and internet usage time to your day, so that scrambling for a charger and a power source becomes a task of the past.

Available in black, white and gold, these case/charger combos were engineered with the functionality of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in mind – including durable materials for reliable protection, an integrated standby switch that lets you turn charging on and off with the flip of a switch and Priority Charge & Sync, which means when plugged into a computer, your iPhone will charge first, and then the juice pack will charge itself.

Read on to learn more about each case/charger.

juice pack for iPhone 6 Plus
Your iPhone 6 Plus has all the features you could want in a smartphone. And all those features means more use, from surfing the web to making calls, apps, games, texts, pics and everything in between – no doubt your phone's battery could use a little assistance to get through that extra long flight, super boring meeting or just a regular day from sunrise to sunset.

Keep your phone protected and charged up throughout the day with the mophie juice pack made just for the iPhone 6 Plus. If 14 additional hours of talk time sounds like something you could use, then this is the case and charger combo for you.

With an ultra thin design, the juice pack by mophie offers high-impact protection for your phone without adding too much bulk.

Extra hours
With your iPhone 6 Plus, you enjoy 24 hours of talk time on a single charge. With the juice pack, you'll get 38 hours of talk time. Internet use – 12 hours on a single charge. With the juice pack, 22 hours of internet use. And for video playback, your iPhone 6 Plus gives you 14 hours. Add the juice pack and you can have up to 24 hours of video playback time. That's a whole lotta time and not very much stopping to plug in and recharge!

Check out the juice pack for the iPhone 6 Plus here.

juice pack air for iPhone 6
For the iPhone 6 users, mophie offers the juice pack air and the juice pack plus. With juice pack air, you'll get more than 100% extra battery for your phone in a protective yet lightweight design. And if you drop your phone or it endures some serious impact, never fear: the juice pack air features a durable, outer-band, raised bezel edge and rubberized support pads. That's superior protection for your iPhone 6.

Extra hours
The iPhone 6 gives you 14 hours of talk time. Just add the juice pack air to the mix to get 28 hours! Internet use – 10 hours. With the juice pack air you'll get 20 hours of time for surfing the web. And for watching videos, you can have up to 11 hours of time with your iPhone 6. The juice pack air makes it 22 hours. Solid protection and less time spent looking to charge – the ultimate in convenience and practical support for iPhone 6 users.

Check out the juice pack air here.

juice pack plus for iPhone 6
Because who couldn't use more than 120% battery and a hard exterior shell to protect their iPhone 6? The juice pack plus by mophie will provide you with all the power you need to get through that day that doesn't seem to want to end… and then some. All while keeping your phone safe and protected not just from daily wear and tear but even in the case of major drops, bangs and dings.

Seriously outstanding protection
The juice pack plus combines mophie's standard rubberized support pads with internal suspension bumpers lining the edges of the juice pack case. This makes up the Impact-Isolation System, which means even greater protection against shocks and falls.

Extra hours
So what does more than 120% battery life get you? If talking is your favorite pastime, have no fear. The juice pack plus gives you a total of 31 hours while iPhone 6 alone lasts for 14 hours. Love to surf the web? Surf it for 10 hours with the iPhone 6, or 22 hours with the juice pack plus. Watching movies is more your preference? Binge-watch your favorite TV show with 24 hours using juice pack plus, compared with 11 hours using the iPhone 6 alone.

With any of these juice packs, stopping to plug in and recharge becomes a rare occurrence.

Other shared features applicable to all three juice packs are the stringent testing standards, charge vault technology and digital power management:

Three stages of testing

In order to ensure reliable, long-lasting performance, every mophie battery product is tested at three different stages of production. This helps to ensure an unmatched capacity, efficiency and build quality and ultimately, an enhanced experience with your iPhone.

Really holds a charge

Reliability is synonymous with the mophie name thanks to charge vault technology. It enables mophie products to hold their charge for an extended period of time.

Perfect amount of power

Digital power management means that your device always receives the perfect amount of power for a safe, quick charge due to the use of smart charging circuitry.

Check out the juice pack plus here.

Just the charger, please
If you already have a case on your iPhone that you just don't want to part with, or you simply want to keep a portable battery pack handy for your other Apple devices, then the mophie powerstation plus 3x with Lightning Connector is for you.

This little gadget functions as an on-the-go charging station for super fast charging every time for your iPad, iPhone or iPod. It delivers up to three times more battery to extend the power of your device, and with 5,000mAh, it's perfect for users with multiple devices.

The Lightning Connector's 2.4 amp output provides the fastest charging speed available, and the integrated input and output cables allow you to charge and sync your devices without any additional cables, while simultaneously charging the powerstation plus.

Charging on the go has never been easier – the cables can be neatly stowed away behind the hinged door of the mophie powerstation plus for a clean and compact look – no messy, tangled cables to tote around. Plus it has a sleek design with aerospace-grade aluminum finish.

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