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A first-hand account: mophie powerstation® helped get my family through a critical situation


A first-hand account: mophie powerstation® helped get my family through a critical situation

Most of us have run out of battery power at one time or another. Usually, it’s nothing more than an inconvenience. But once in a while, the need for back-up power is critical.

I was a bit concerned a few years back when faced with hunkering down to ride out Superstorm Sandy. We knew the electricity would probably go out, but losing light wasn’t our big worry. We live near a river, and we needed to stay connected to learn of any early flood warnings. My wife reminded me of a present I’d received recently from my brother  ̶  a fully charged mophie powerstation®.

Well, the electricity did indeed go out, and that early-model mophie powerstation gave us enough power to keep a smartphone and tablet charged for the storm’s duration and beyond. We were able to remain fully updated and confident the whole time.

That early-model mophie powerstation has since evolved into a truly portable, sleek, universal battery pack, with different models to meet a variety of power needs. For example, the powerstation plus mini is a rechargeable 4000 mAh battery small enough to fit in some pockets and is perfect for the casual power user. There’s even a 20000 mAh powerstation for those needing a whole lot of back-up power.

The new mophie powerstations available from Verizon all feature 2.1 amp output (enough to charge smartphones or tablets) and Charge Vault technology, which enables the batteries to hold their charges for extended periods of time. All use smart charging circuitry to communicate with each connected device to determine the correct amount of power for a safe, quick charge. And all sport an anodized aluminum, smart-looking, soft-touch finish.

Ranging in power from 4000 mAh to 20000 mAh, some of the new powerstations have dual and triple ports for simultaneously charging multiple devices. Some have Switch-Tip Cables to accommodate both Apple and micro USB devices. And all are triple tested at the factory to assure peak performance and safe operation.

We were more fortunate than many, sustaining only minor Superstorm Sandy damage. And we’ve also been fortunate enough since that time to have needed our mophies (yes, plural…we are now a multi-mophie household) only for everyday, regular charging of our smartphones, tablets, wearables and other devices. We use them on vacations, road trips and for the occasional power boost needed after a long day of device use  ̶  pretty much the way most people use them. But it’s still comforting to know that our mophie powerstations will be there to power us in the event of that rare emergency.