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A Holiday Gift Guide to mophie Portable Power Solutions


A Holiday Gift Guide to mophie Portable Power Solutions

 “I didn’t get the text to meet you by the food court because my phone died.”

Uh-huh. We’ve heard that one before. But most likely, your friend was telling the truth. Most of us have experienced a low-battery warning when an outlet wasn’t available, and it can be a nerve-wracking experience.  

Help your friends avoid nomophobia (the fear of being without mobile contact).* Give them the gift of portable power with these gift ideas from mophie: 

Gift idea #1: mophie Powerstation XL 10000.

This is the energy solution for your friends who go through power like there’s no tomorrow. When fully charged, the compact mophie powerstation® XL 10000  delivers enough power to give their smartphones up to three additional charges. It even powers up a host of other devices, including tablets. And for when your friends have two devices in need of power, dual USB ports support simultaneous charging. The mophie powerstation XL 10000 sports a striking aluminum finish they’ll be proud to carry in a backpack, a purse and even in some pockets.

Gift idea #2: mophie juice pack Wireless Charging Case for iPhone® 6/6s.

The mophie juice pack case for iPhone 6/6s delivers more than 50 percent additional battery power for their 6/6s. That’s up to seven additional hours of talk time, up to five additional hours of Internet browsing, up to five additional hours of video playback and up to 25 additional hours of audio playback. The battery pack's slim, two-piece frame conforms perfectly to your friend’s iPhone 6/6s and helps guard against damage from drops and every day wear. And the 1560 mAh juice pack case conveniently charges along with the phone on the included wireless charge pad. Your friends will appreciate that they can also sync their phone with a computer while using the juice pack, allowing for pass-through charge and sync  ̶  the phone recharges first, and then the juice pack case recharges itself.

Gift idea #3: mophie juice pack for Samsung Galaxy S7.

Your friends who own a Galaxy S7 are sure to appreciate the 60 percent extra power§ they’ll get from the mophie juice pack for Samsung Galaxy S7. The juice pack case's built-in 2950 mAh battery provides the phone with more than 11 additional hours of talk time and is designed to guard against dents and scratches in a way that doesn’t add noticeable bulk or weight to your phone. The two-piece frame snaps together to perfectly match the curved back of the Samsung Galaxy S7. And when power does run low, a power outlet isn't necessary to recharge. The Galaxy S7 and juice pack conveniently charge on virtually any wireless charge pad. Your friends will enjoy Priority+ Charge & Sync, letting them sync their S7 with a computer while also charging both the phone and juice pack in that order.

Gift idea #4: mophie Power Capsule with pass-through charging.

Friends who have wireless headphones and wearable tech are sure to be pleased about this power solution. The mophie Power Capsule keeps those accessories powered up and well protected. An internal USB charging port and included micro USB cable connect to a variety of small electronics. The compact travel case provides protection against drops and falls while the power capsule's 1400 mAh battery charges their electronics as they jaunt around town. The capsule provides up to 60 hours of additional battery life to wireless headphones and up to 55 days of extra battery to fitness trackers.1 And when your friends get home, they’ll easily recharge the power capsule using an external micro USB port, delivering power to both the capsule and device  ̶  first to the device, then to the case.

Your friends will appreciate any of these gifts and always think of you as coming to their rescue as their device batteries are about to go down for the count. For additional power solution gift ideas, check out Verizon’s entire line of mophie portable chargers.

*Nomophobia (no-mobile-phone-phobia) is a term coined during a 2010 study by the UK Post Office and studied by the Iowa State University School of Education, the results of which were published in Science Digest in August, 2015.

Compatible with juice pack air, juice pack plus and juice pack ultra made for iPhone 6. Not compatible with juice pack H2PRO.

Battery power consumption depends on factors such as network configuration, carrier network and, signal strength.

§This device may interfere with NFC functionality. Extra battery is measured by the mAh capacity of the juice pack battery compared to the Samsung Galaxy S7 battery. The amount of additional battery you will receive depends on a variety of factors that are different for every user.


1Extra battery is estimated by comparing the mAh capacity of the power capsule to that of typical wireless earbuds or fitness trackers. The amount of extra battery you will receive depends on a variety of factors that are different for every user.


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