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How to Amplify Your Audio: A Guide to Beats Headphones


How to Amplify Your Audio: A Guide to Beats Headphones

Whether skipping to your favorite track, chatting hands free with a friend or immersing yourself in a game on your smartphone, having the right headphones is pivotal. But which set is right for you?

The entire family of Beats headphones amplifies your experience, delivering deep bass, clear highs, noise reduction and comfort.

But keep in mind that there are a few differences aimed at how you enjoy audio.

Ask yourself if you’re looking for wireless vs. wired headphones, or over-ear vs. in-ear, and then check out these great choices.

Listen while exercising

Need headphones made specifically for activity? Powerbeats2™ Wireless are IPX4 sweat- and water-resistant, plus they’re lightweight and have a stay-put design. The earphones fit comfortably in your ear, and flexible ear hooks secure them in place. Plus, they feature a no-slip in-line mic and remote for calls. Unlike their Powerbeats predecessor, Powerbeats2 are wireless (though there is a cable that connects the two buds and rests behind your neck). So you can listen via Bluetooth® from up to 30 feet away without being tied to your device.

Get freedom and comfort with wireless over-ear headphones

Available in a wide color range, the Beats Solo2 Wireless on-ear headphones is redesigned from the inside out. The redesign enables a more dynamic and wider range of sound, providing clarity that brings you closer to what the artist intended you to hear. Pair it with your Bluetooth device and feel free to move wirelessly to the beat or just sit and relax. Beats Solo2 Wireless has a range of up to 30 feet*, is lightweight and ergonomically designed for comfort. You can even take hands-free calls with the headphone’s wireless mic.

Stay connected with wired over-ear headphones

If having a good mic is on your checklist, check out the Beats Solo2 on-ear headphones which has an in-line mic and controls so you can take calls, adjust the volume and even change songs without reaching for your compatible device.

Solo2 also features a flexible headband that provides a custom-fit feeling; and is foldable and lightweight for comfortable on-the-go wear. 

The Beats Solo2 Luxe Edition oasts the same sound quality and comfort as the Beats Solo2, plus next-level styling with a brilliant glossy finish and polished accents.

Keep in tune with wired, in-ear headphones

Looking for something a little smaller? The Beats Tour in-ear headphones fits comfortably inside your ear and weighs less than over-ear headphones, giving you more freedom of movement for longer periods of time. The Beats Tour has an in-line mic that lets you control your calls and music, with a cable that’s designed to be flexible and tangle-resistant. The in-ear headphone also has removable wingtips to help provide the perfect fit.

Which Beats will you choose?

With so many cool features, it can be difficult deciding which Beats headphones are right for you, so consider your activities to help make the choice. Whether you’re a talker, a music junkie or a fitness buff, Beats has a model for you.

*Wireless performance may be affected by nearby objects including walls, metal items, and other wireless devices.