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Shopping Guide to Bundles


Shopping Guide to Bundles

When you're browsing verizonwireless.com for the perfect accessories for your new smart device, why not check out bundles? All the accessories are "bundled" together in a neat and convenient package, complete with a nice discount. Here's a quick and easy guide to the types of bundle we offer.

Here are three categories of bundles available on verizonwireless.com:

Essential Bundles
These bundles usually include a basic screen protector; a device case, cover, pouch or holster (up to $34.99 in value) and a vehicle power charger (VPC) or wall charger. If you want to go basic, this is the bundle for you.  A screen protector is certainly "essential" – you don't want to pick up your new smartphone a week after purchasing it to find out that your car keys scratched the screen as you were dashing out the door. A case is another must-have. Your device won't stand a chance if dropped without some sort of protective case. And who wants to be on their way to work before realizing the phone battery is already half-depleted? Have a car charger handy or an extra wall charger to keep at work so you are always powered up and ready to go.

Premium Bundles
There are two types of Premium Bundles. One type features a screen protector; a device case, cover, pouch or holster and a car or regular charger. You'll want to choose this bundle over the Essential Bundle if you want a more durable or stylish case. The second type includes a tempered glass screen protector; a device case, cover, pouch or holster and a car or wall charger. Choose this bundle if you want a high quality screen protector. The tempered glass screen protector ensures your screen remains intact even after some of the harshest bumps and drops.

Deluxe Bundles
These bundles not only feature a tempered glass screen protector; but also include a higher tier device case, cover, pouch or holster, as well as a wall or car charger. Choose this one if you want nothing but the best for your new device.

From fundamental to top-of-the-line, we have the perfect bundle to meet your needs. View them all at http://www.verizonwireless.com/accessories/bundles/.