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Gifts for Grads: Wow Them with Top-of-the-Line Tech


Gifts for Grads: Wow Them with Top-of-the-Line Tech

They did it! All those years of studying and working hard has paid off. Degree in hand, they're ready to face the world and take on whatever new challenges may be on the horizon. You want to send them off with something special – something they can use as they continue on this important life journey. To help you get started, check out this guide to some top tech accessories available from Verizon.


Celebrate out loud with UE Boom 2 and JBL Flip 3

Your grad worked hard. Now, it’s time to celebrate their achievements. Help them bring the party to life with a speaker that blasts awesome sound for all to hear. Two great options to help them get the festivities started – and keep them going -- are the UE Boom 2 and JBL Flip 3.

UE Boom 2

If you’re looking for a speaker that fills the entire space with awesome sound, the powerful UE Boom is up to the task. The UE BOOM 2 is a 360° Bluetooth® wireless speaker that blasts amazing audio clarity with deep, full bass in every direction. The next generation in the UE BOOM series, the UE BOOM 2 has improved Bluetooth range of 100 feet (up from the UE BOOM’s 50).+ It's also up to 25 percent louder than its predecessor and adds gesture control to manage your music. A single tape to the top of the speaker will start or stop music play, while giving it two quick taps will let you skip tracks.

Should your grad decide to take the party on the road, UE Boom 2 is ready to tag along. Sleek, sophisticated and durable, the UE BOOM 2 has a fun cylindrical shape and can easily be tossed in your bag when it’s time to head out the door. 

UE BOOM 2 is also IPX7-rated waterproof,** so your loved one can feel free to party poolside. And if the sound isn’t big enough, “Double Up” the audio by wirelessly connecting two UE BOOM 2s together -- or a UE BOOM 2 to a UE BOOM, ROLL or MEGABOOM (all sold separately). Then set them to play as a stereo pair…or set them to double the sound, playing the same music from both speakers.

And don’t worry about the music fading before the party does. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 15 hours of playback time before requiring a charge.++

JBL Flip 3

The portable yet powerful JBL Flip 3 features a durable, splashproof, fabric material and a rugged rubber housing. Soon to be your graduate’s all-purpose, all-weather companion, Flip 3 makes it easy to integrate music into every aspect of their life – from table top to poolside, from sunny mornings to rainy nights. Since Flip 3 is equipped with dual 40mm drivers and custom-tuned built-in bass port and dual, external passive radiators, it’s able to deliver detailed audio complete with deep, powerful bass.

And, when it’s time to kick the sound up a notch, your grad can use the companion app to connect multiple JBL-Connect compatible speakers – such as the Pulse 2 and Flip 3 -   to give the gathering a whole new dimension. Able to achieve up to 10 hours of playtime,** Flip 3 will keep the tunes rocking even if the party goes well into the night.

Take down time seriously with Samsung Gear VR

Graduation means it’s time to take on new challenges and new encounters. Whether the next step is heading off to college or embarking on a job search, your grad will surely need some down time. A great tool to help them escape – even when they can’t physically get away-- is the Samsung Gear VR. Compatible with the Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5, the Gear VR is a great way for your grad to become immersed in engaging content, watch movies in their own private cinema, be at the center of their favorite games, or socialize with friends in a virtual world all their own. And, all from the comfort of their living room couch or dorm room.

Capture the full experience with the LG 360 Cam

Smartphones aren’t just for making calls or sending text messages, they’re also for taking pictures and videos of life’s big –and small- moments. But, photos and videos taken with a standalone smartphone only show part of the picture. Help your grad capture the full experience with the LG 360 Cam.

The LG 360 Cam is capable of taking amazing 360-degree images at the click of a button So, whether sitting around the campfire, on a first-time trip to an exotic location or at a sporting event with friends, the compact, spherical camera will help your graduate capture what’s around the edges as well as what’s right in front of them.  The LG 360 was designed specifically to pair with the LG G5, but is also compatible other popular smartphones, such as the iPhone SE or Droid Turbo 2. It can also be used as a standalone device. The 360-degree camera has two 13 MP wide-angle cameras capable of taking Full HD (1920x1080) still images and 2K (2560x1280) video. And, since the LG 360 Cam is compact, it’s also a great travel companion.

Help them keep their fitness goals in check with Fitbit®

Don't let the graduate in your life fall victim to the dreaded "Freshman Fifteen." Help them keep the weight off despite all the snacking that comes with summer parties and freshman dorm life with a little help from the Fitbit Charge HR.

The Charge HR will assist them with tracking steps, distance covered and calories burned. If they're headed for college, no doubt there are some "all-nighters" in their future. Remind them how important sleep is with a Fitbit – it tracks their sleep and is comfortable and durable enough to wear morning, noon and night. The Charge HR also features a bright OLED display that shows daily stats and time of day and takes the tracking one step further with an automatic, continuous heart rate monitor.

The heart rate monitor will tell them when they need to step up the intensity during workouts and help them to understand what their resting heart rate is, so they have a basis for what it should be during down time and how far to push it during workouts. This helps maximize every minute in the gym, making workouts more efficient.

Help keep their devices powered with the myCharge Amp Plus

If your loved one is off to see the world before settling in on a new job, be it traveling to far-off places or taking time off to figure out their true passion, equip them with a myCharge Amp PlusNo matter where their wanderings take them, they’ll have the necessary tools to ensure their devices don’t lose power before they do.

The myCharge AmpPlus Power Pack is lightweight, compact, powerful and cost-effective. It packs 3000 mAh of reserve power into a unit that weighs less than three ounces and fits neatly in a backpack or purse. Smart-sense technology ensures compatibility with most devices. The integrated USB cable makes it easy to recharge your device while on the go. Pass-through technology allows simultaneous charging of the AmpPlus and connected device, so your grad can quickly restore battery life to both their device and the power pack.



*Wireless performance may be affected by nearby objects including walls, metal items, and other wireless devices.

**Can be submerged for up to 30 minutes and a depth of up to 1 meter.

***Actual battery life will vary with use, settings and environmental conditions.

+Speaker can be splashed, but not submerged.

++Works with Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5 require a software update from your carrier.

+++Phone not included with accessory.