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Grown Kids Going Out on Their Own? Help Make Their New Crib More Secure with Canary Flex.


Grown Kids Going Out on Their Own? Help Make Their New Crib More Secure with Canary Flex.

Maybe college housing is their next stop. Or possibly apartment life.

It’s hard to let go of the parental instinct to keep them safe and sound. But there are steps you can take to help them take care of themselves. One is to set them up with a Canary Flex HD security camera from Verizon.

Canary Flex sets up anywhere.

Because Canary Flex works on Wi-Fi and doesn’t have to be wired into a fixed location, it can be moved almost anywhere within Wi-Fi range. Your newly independent young adult can place Flex so that it faces their front door. Or a window that leads to a fire escape. Or wherever they feel they need it most.

Canary Flex is easy to angle to just the right position. Its magnetic base lets the camera swivel a full 360 degrees. And while Flex can be mounted in a fixed position (for instance on a wall), it can also just be propped up on any flat surface, like a side table, a dresser or a shelf. Set-up couldn’t be easier. And the 116° viewing radius ensures the room is adequately visible.

Want them to be able to see what’s going on outside their new place? Then you might want to pick up an additional Canary Flex (sold separately). Designed for the outdoors as well as inside, Flex is waterproof* and features automatic night vision as well as motion detection abilities.

And remember, Flex works on Wi-Fi, so there is no complicated set up. They’ll basically plug it in, set up the Canary app and use it. Or they can opt to power the camera using the included, long-lasting, rechargeable battery.

It doesn’t matter whether they have an iPhone® or an Android. The Canary app is available for both and enables them to get alerts and connect to see what’s going on inside or out at any given time. They can watch in real time or on recorded video.

Canary Flex keeps their data safe in the cloud.

You needn’t worry about their stored personal recordings and other data being compromised, either. Canary goes the extra distance to keep all data secure with a dedicated encryption chip, AES 256-bit data encryption and encrypted cloud storage.

The aptly named camera offers the flexibility they need.

They have the option of choosing Canary’s free monitoring service, or they can select a low-cost monthly subscription plan.      

But the flexibility they’ll really appreciate is the ability to move the cameras around to where they’re needed…and because Canary Flex can operate on battery power, it doesn’t even matter if there’s an outlet around.

It’s hard to let them go. But helping keep them safe is easy with Canary Flex.

Check out Verizon’s entire line of Canary home security products designed to help keep your family comfortable and safe.   


*Canary Flex has an IP65 waterproof rating.

†Offered by Canary, the free plan includes unlimited data and downloads and 24 hours of video storage shared among up to four installed cameras (sold separately): 1 device = 24 hours; 2 devices = 12 hours each; 3 devices = 8 hours each; 4 devices = 6 hours each. The low-cost subscription plan includes 30-day video history, a dedicated representative to help retrieve video in the event of theft, and up to a $1000 insurance deductible reimbursement in the event of a burglary (available soon).

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