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Home Automation: Use Smart Accessories with Helpful IFTTT Rules


Home Automation: Use Smart Accessories with Helpful IFTTT Rules

Since the dawn of apps, technology to make you and your home smarter has come a long way, adding convenience to your life with just the tap of your finger on a smartphone. Now there’s an app that manages your smart accessories without you lifting a finger. And that means home automation is easier than you might think.

With If This Then That, or IFTTT, you can set up rules to govern apps and app-enabled gadgets, including smart home and fitness accessories. Like having a personal assistant, IFTTT frees up your time and helps you simplify your life.

How IFTTT works

After a quick setup on your compatible device or laptop, you can use existing “recipes”—or create your own—for your apps to follow.

For example, you can tell IFTTT to use your weather app to turn on a fan or heater when the outside temperature reaches a certain point. If the weather app records this temperature, then turn on that fan or heater plugged into the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch. IFTTT communicates with the Belkin WeMo app to make the magic happen.

With so many app-enabled smart home and fitness accessories, the possibilities of home automation with IFTTT are almost endless.

Let there be light

Do you waste precious minutes in the morning turning things off before going to work? Set up a recipe for your Philips Hue Lights so that they’ll power off when your navigation app recognizes you’ve left the house. And without those extra bulbs burning while you’re away, you’ll save money. Flip the switch on that scenario and have your lights turn on when you return home.

For some added fun, you can set up a recipe for Hue using the ESPN app to make your lights blink for a dramatic celebration when your favorite team scores. Or write a recipe that makes your Hue bulbs change colors to set a certain mood when you wake up or prepare for dinner.

You can also use a recipe to turn on your porch light with the Belkin WeMo Light Switch whenever you enter the driveway.

Demand more from your fitness accessories

There are plenty of smart accessories that can help you reach your fitness goals and improve your overall health. Now you can take your accessories to the next level.

Get more from your UP24 by Jawbone by connecting your Foursquare account and your UP app. Set a rule so that when you check into a restaurant, UP will log that information as a new event. Or connect UP to your navigation app and keep a log of all of your gym visits.

Use IFTTT to connect your Withings Scale to Google Calendar to track your body measurements and see how you’re progressing.

IFTTT creates a team effort

You can even use IFTTT as a middleman to connect two separate smart accessories, such as UP24 and Hue. Since UP24 tracks your sleep patterns, you can set a simple recipe for your WeMo Light Switch to turn the lights on when you wake up. Or connect your Withings Scale to your Belkin WeMo Switch to turn your coffeemaker on after your morning weigh-in.

Don’t think that your options are limited to these examples. Check out IFTTT’s recipe page for a list of rules you can apply to various apps and accessories, so you can be the master of your home and health goals without even lifting a finger.