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Kids Trapped Inside for the Weekend? Keep Them Entertained with These Fun Accessories

It’s raining outside, and the kids are begging for something fun to do. Keep them entertained and out of your hair for hours with these cool accessories. They might even learn something. (But don’t tell them that.)

Orbotix® Sphero™ 2.0

Have a ball with this remote-controlled sphere. Bring a high-tech spin to old games, race with your friends and even learn a little programming. About the size of a baseball, this sphere is durable and waterproof, and you can control it from up to 50 feet away. With a growing number of apps, there are always more ways to play.

MOGA Pro™ Power

Transform your Android™ smartphone or tablet into a second gaming console. The MOGA Arm™ securely holds your Bluetooth® smartphone in place. The controller offers dual analog sticks, a directional pad, shoulder buttons, triggers, full-size grips and illuminated action buttons. It even charges the phone while playing.

Ravensburger Augmented Reality Puzzle

With most puzzles, the fun ends when it’s complete. But with this 1,000-piece augmented-reality puzzle, completing it is just the beginning. Use the camera on your device to bring the puzzle to life and learn interesting facts. Choose from colorful scenes like Times Square and Animals of Africa.

LeapFrog® Mr. Pencil Stylus

Learning is fun with this app and scratchproof stylus when paired with your iOS device. Enjoy animation, sound-effect surprises and stroke-by-stroke guidance. Learn to write numbers and draw shapes. With more than 85 writing activities, your kids’ young minds will remain active and interested.

LeapFrog® Creativity Camera with Protective Case

Download the learning app and place your iPhone® or iPod touch® into the case to create the perfect diversion for a budding photographer. Young children can take pictures of friends and family, edit photos and create photo books. Kids will spend hours on games and educational activities while the device is protected in a durable, colorful case.

Crayola® DigiTools Paint Pack™

Your kids can digitally paint in a variety of styles—and without the mess. They’ll enjoy creating virtual watercolor or acrylic works with the Digital Paintbrush, or use the Digital Airbrush for some cool spray art designs. Get even more creative by mixing colors, rolling on patterns and stamping.