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Must-Haves for Your Next Gym Workout


Must-Haves for Your Next Gym Workout

Motivating yourself to hit the gym can be difficult—especially with all of life’s distractions and tempting indulgences—but having the right technology on hand to work with your fitness apps can help you get moving. You’ll even be able to get a jump start on that 2014 resolution to lose weight and get in shape.

Do you need a power pack to make sure your device doesn’t run out of energy before you do? Or how about a case to hold your smartphone while you exercise? Or even a device that can stream TV to your phone? Whatever your needs, these accessories are sure to help you make it through your workout.

Jabra Sport Wireless+ Bluetooth® Headset

Getting tangled in your earphone cables is a gym struggle that can literally slow you down. With the Jabra Sport Wireless+ headset, you’ll enjoy the freedom to move with the comfort of soft eargels and a secure behind-the-ear fit.

The headset is also resistant to rain, dust and shocks, so whether you take to the gym or the running trails to get pumped, this headset will be right there with you, ready to go. You can even multitask and take calls hands-free in case you’re still hammering out holiday plans. 

mophie powerstation®

If you’re using apps or music to help your workout, the last thing you want is for your phone or tablet battery to get low. This quick-charging 4000 mAh external battery will keep you pushing forward. It easily charges your mobile device and keeps your fitness apps running.

Weighing in at about a pound, this charger is compact and perfect for your gym bag or pocket.

Belkin Armband Case

This dual armband and case is ideal if you want to carry your compatible smartphone while you work out, whether in the gym or outside. The band is designed to wick away moisture, so your arm won’t get hot or sweaty during exercise.

The water-resistant material is hand-washable and features a reflective safety strip, keeping you visible at dawn or dusk. The armband also has a clip system, which allows you to easily access on and off switches without taking it off.

Slingbox 500

Have a favorite workout video recorded on your home DVR, or want to watch something live for inspiration? You can watch either at the gym with the Slingbox 500.

Hook this smart accessory up to your home TV service, then stream recorded or live television to a compatible smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G LTE.

You can pause playback if you need to catch up to the workout or rewind if you miss a vital part.

Google Chromecast™

Sometimes working out by yourself can be a drag—monotonous and boring. That’s why group workouts can give you the energy boost you need to get moving again. If you don’t have the time to go to a class, simply plug your Google Chromecast into your HDTV, connect to Wi-Fi and work out to your favorite fitness videos on YouTube.