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Spotlight on Bose®  SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth Speaker II, mophie powerstation® plus 6000


Spotlight on Bose® SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth Speaker II, mophie powerstation® plus 6000

Power in the palm of your hand. Electrical power. And music power. That’s what the Bose® SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® Speaker II and mophie powerstation plus 6000 are primed to deliver.

With this powerful duo, you can get heart-pounding, party-quality audio from a tiny wireless speaker and have a super-powerful energy reserve  ̶  so small and portable, you can take them practically anywhere.

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth® Speaker II: small size, big sound. 
It may be small, but it sure doesn’t sound that way. After all, the SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II is a Bose. This tiny speaker is engineered to deliver exhilaratingly full audio with deeper lows than you’d expect from a speaker so small.

The speaker connects simultaneously to two Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as your nearby smartphone and tablet, so you can stream audio saved to either device.

Voice prompts even talk you through Bluetooth pairing, making the connection process exceptionally easy. A built-in multi-function button enables easy control of your calls and music. For added utility, SoundLink Mini II is also speakerphone-enabled for easy hands-free communications while at home or on the go.

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers up to 10 hours of playing time on a single charge,* so it’s unlikely that the music will die before your party does. But if the festivities do go on longer, you can always depend upon the mophie powerstation plus 6000 with Switch-Tip Cable to keep things alive.

mophie powerstation plus 6000 with Switch-Tip Cable: dependable on-the-go power

Not only will the mophie powerstation plus 6000 with Switch-Tip Cable keep your SoundLink Mini charged, it will also quickly power up your smartphone and other devices, including tablets.

When you connect this rechargeable 6000 mAh universal battery to a device, its digital power management system determines the amount of power required for a safe, quick charge. And if you happen to have an Apple device that also needs charging, that’s not a problem. The powerstation plus 6000 has a built-in, switch-tip cable that supports both lightning and mini-USB power ports.

This truly portable powerstation is thin enough and light enough to carry in a backpack and even in some pockets.

So you see, the power truly is in the palm of your hands when it comes to your party music and power reserves.


*Wireless range up to 30 ft.

Battery power consumption depends on factors such as network configuration, carrier network and signal strength.