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Play Mobile Games on Your TV


Play Mobile Games on Your TV

Mobile games are a popular and fun way to kill time while taking an office lunch break, waiting for a flight at the airport or standing in the checkout line at the grocery store.

But at home, there’s nothing better than playing game apps on a screen much larger than a smartphone—what if you could play on your TV?

With the right accessory, gamers can enjoy streaming mobile games from their smartphones or tablets to their TVs, or they can connect their devices with a cable.

These accessories also come in handy for streaming videos from their smartphones to the big screen.

NETGEAR® Push2TV Wireless Display Adapter

Gamers can share mobile games and other digital media wirelessly on their HDTVs, and listen through their surround sound, with Push2TV. They’ll be able to project whatever game is displayed on their Miracast™-supported smartphone or tablet right onto their TV without any connection cables.

They can also browse the Internet, stream music, watch online movies and share their photos and videos on the big screen. The adaptor supports 1080p HD content and 5.1 surround sound.

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